Alden Richards reveals vacation with Maine Mendoza in London and Germany

Alden reveals upcoming personal vacation with Maine in London and Germany

by Jessie Mendoza

The AlDub nation is rejoicing with the latest revelation coming from Alden Richards.

The Pambansang Bae revealed that he and Maine Mendoza will have a personal trip to London this coming end of October until November 4. Alden excitedly spilled some details about the vacation in an interview conducted by GMA Network’s Lhar Santiago prior to his London trip.

(Image Credit: Alden PH)

Alden said that he and Maine will spend two days in London and two days in Germany.

And just like that, members of the AlDub nation reached out simultaneously for …oxygen!

So, how did Alden get to talk about his upcoming “personal” vacation with Maine in London and Germany?

Here’s an excerpt of Lhar’s “ambush” interview with Alden, regarding AlDub’s Vacation:

Lhar: Me binilin ba si Maine sayo? From London?
Alden: Wala po kasi, babalik po kami dun e. Ahhhh, for a personal trip. We’re going to London po, end of October. London and then Germany.
Lhar: So dun na lang siguro kayo magba bonding?
Alden: Yes po, yes. Yun po, no work po yun. That’s a personal trip. Bakasyon po.
Lhar: So yung yun kumbaga, bonding moment ninyo?
Alden: Yes po. Yes po Tito Lhar
Lhar: Ano yun, last week of October hanggang?
Alden: Hanggang November 4 lang po
Lhar: So, parang one week lang din?
Alden:shorter po yung Parang 4 days nga lang po Tito Lhar e. Since wala pong work involved, medyo shorter po yung day na na grant sa akin for leave. So yun po, parang 2 days po kami sa London and then 2 days sa Germany po.

Alden mentioned something about praying for AlDub’s future projects together, near the end of the interview.

He also said that even if he and Maine plans to go to London on October, he will still be bringing home gifts or pasalubongs for Maine after this trip.

Meeting you was fate; it was wonderful, it was miraculous, it was extraordinary and indeed sweet serendipity- Maine Mendoza (Image Credit: @mainedcm IG)

It is reportedly Alden’s first time in London. He will be there for a musical concert titled “At Last in London!”, which is presented by Prismworks Productions on October 2.

Since it’s his first time, Alden plans to enjoy London to the max. He has a list of places to go like Dans le Noir, The Eye, Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge.

He also hopes to watch Rachelle Ann Go perform as Fantine, in the play Les Miserables at London’s West End.

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