Angel Locsin to fly again as Darna in 2017

Angel Locsin to fly again as Darna in movie slated for 2017

by Jessie Mendoza

Ten months after opting out from the movie Darna due to a spinal cord injury, Angel Locsin is back in the game. Star Cinema top honcho Malou Santos confirmed that the iconic role will be reprised by Angel and will start shooting in 2017.

The good news was revealed by veteran showbiz writer Aster Amoyo a few days ago on Pilipino Star Ngayon.

(Image Credit: @therealangellocsin IG)

Aster said that in a get-together dinner between ABS-CBN executives and Professional Artist Managers, Inc. (PAMI) officers and members, they asked Santos whether it’s true that Angel Locsin is still going back to the role of Darna.

The Star Cinema executive did not deny it, confirming speculations on social media that the film outfit is only waiting for Angel to get well before shooting the Mars Ravelo classic.

Judging from Angel’s latest posts on Instagram, it seems she has fully recovered from two operations (one in her lumbar area, the other one a neck procedure) meant to address her spinal cord injury.

The actress had posted pictures of her hiking at Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Pico De Loro. Aside from that, she had also posted photos of her scuba diving at Anilao, Batangas.

Angel at Mt. Pinatubo (Image Credit: @therealangellocsin IG)

Angel at Mt. Pico de Loro Summit (Image Credit: @therealangellocsin IG)

Scuba Diving at Batangas  (Image Credit: @therealangellocsin IG)

It seems Angel is showing everyone that she’s capable of handling physically challenging activities like before. Angel had always been very adventurous prior to her back injury. With her recent posts, it’s like she’s saying, “I’m good as new”.

Before Aster’s wonderful news, fans of Angel have been watching out for every bit of news from Star Cinema regarding the film. They have keenly observed that not even the film’s director, Erik Matti, was doing anything to move the film forward. Matti only released a trailer but no specific actress was named for the role.

In the months following Angel’s disc bulge operation, the names of Nadine Lustre, Maja Salvador, Liza Soberano, Kim Chiu, Jessy Mendiola, and Pia Wurtzbach have been floated to the public as possible Darnas. And yet, Star Cinema never confirmed nor announced anyone who would replace Angel.

More so, whenever the names of these other actresses crop up to assume the role of Darna, the reaction on the web reflects a resounding vote still in favor of Angel, as the only actress who can give justice to the role.

The Darna pose while at the gym (Image Credit: @therealangellocsin IG)

(Image Credit: @therealangellocsin IG)

While all these speculations went the rounds on social media, Angel continuously posted photos showing her undergoing therapy, and exercising at the gym.
Therapy at Aqua Physio Rehab Center ( @therealangellocsin IG)

Angel first assumed the role of the iconic heroine in a GMA7 TV series back in 2005, when she was still a contract artist at GMA Network. The Darna TV series lasted for two seasons, had 170 episodes, and garnered an average of almost 40% rating during its whole run.

When the rights to Ravelo’s most popular creations were bought by ABS-CBN in April, 2013, almost everyone back then was sure that Darna was meant for Angel. But, the network kept quiet about it.

Then an IG post by Matti in mid-2015 revealed that Angel will play the role of Darna in a movie, which Angel describe as a “very big project”. It seems, Angel had been on board for quite some time.

ABS-CBN said Angel trained for two years for Darna, but this also led her to develop a disc bulge. This was revealed in the statement issued by ABS-CBN on October 26,2015 which announced Angel being pulled out of the movie.

An excerpt from the statement reads: “Because of her passion, dedication, and commitment to the project, she underwent various rigorous training regimens for two years. Unfortunately, this led her to developing a disc bulge in her spine.”

Apparently, those same qualities of Angel- passion, dedication, and commitment, this time to be physically fit again, paved the way for her to soar the skies once more as Darna.

And when she does, her Angels (her loyal fans) will be with her along with most millennials, whose only concept of Darna, is Angel Locsin garbed in a red two-piece stunner and a headpiece with golden wings.

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