Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson, not officially a couple yet?

Bea Alonzo says she and Gerald Anderson are not an item yet

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson have been very visible on social media lately. The ex-lovers are spotted in a lot of places and events.

Photos of BeaRald abound on Instagram and Twitter, most of them shared by fans and by friends of Bea and Gerald, too.

(Image Credit: @beaalonzo IG)

But in a spot interview by  ABS-CBN, Bea Alonzo said that she and Gerald are not officially an item yet. Asked if Gerald had already signified his intention, Bea answered, “Hindi. We’re just enjoying.”

The interview clip was featured in Tonight With Boy Abunda.

Abunda gave his reaction to Bea’s short interview:

I think sila na. You know why?… Because when they came to the show, there was something, it was a different tension, it was an emotional sexual tension. And I noticed the way Gerald looked at Bea, parang ganun…It didn’t work the first time, and they found each other again. Let’s give them a chance…

A lot of netizens reacted the same way  as Abunda did. Many expressed their disbelief with the current lingo, “Don’t us” (wag kami), to Bea’s statement. Most fans doubt what Bea had said, that she and Gerald are still not a couple.

BeaRald had been noticeably sweet with each other since their film “How to be Yours” was shown in July. And whenever they are together, whether in tv appearances or on photos online, fans are all commenting that love is definitely in the air.

The chemistry is so strong that a lot are predicting that the two will get married someday. With Bea now 28 and Gerald 27, that could be very possible in the near future. Gerald may have to wait though, since Bea said she is planning to settle down at 32.

So, even if Bea denies the status of her present relationship with Gerald, fans are not really disappointed. They are sure Bea must have her own reasons.

Bea and Gerald had a short but sweet and meaningful relationship back in 2010, when Gerald was still the other half of the popular KimErald love team.

Gerald’s last relationship was with Maja Salvador, who he broke up with last year. Bea , meanwhile, broke up with Zanjoe Marudo this year. Both Gerald and Bea have been “single and available” since then.

Here are some more photos of BeaRald and you be the judge on whether or not they are in a relationship:

(Image Credit: @bearald_bisdak IG)

(Image Credit: @bearald.universe IG)

(Image Credit:  @bearald.universe IG)

(Image Credit: @bearald_bisdak IG)
(Image Credit: @beaalonzo IG)

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