Did Alden Richards give Maine Mendoza a diamond engagement ring?

Did Alden give Maine an emerald-cut diamond 'engagement' ring?

September 30, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

For the past few days, some members of  AlDub nation have been speculating about an emerald-cut diamond ring worn by Maine Mendoza.

Fans came to notice the emerald-cut diamond ring on the middle finger of Maine’s right hand during AlDub’s 60th Weeksary on September 8. The event marked the first AlDub weeksary celebrated after Kalyeserye aired its supposed-to-be last episode (or was that a season ender?) on September 3.


(Image Credit: Eat Bulaga, @MaineOOTD)

Hungry for the immediate return of Kalyeserye and the usual roles of AlDub in the series, fans screamed when Alden appeared from behind the EB panel during the Juan for All, All for Juan portion.

(Image Credit: Eat Bulaga, AlDub Trend Videos)

Alden’s appearance surprised the fans and Maine herself, who was watching from the other half of the screen while she was in the barangay. As Alden greeted Maine from the studio, Maine smiled and later reached out for Alden’s bouquet, the big stone of her emerald-cut ring visible on the screen.

But the ring was more visible during an FB live session wherein Maine greeted Alden on their 60th anniversary.

She covered her mouth with her right hand while laughing during her video greeting. That simple gesture was enough for eagle-eyed AlDub fans to notice the emerald-cut diamond ring on the middle finger of Maine’s right hand.

(Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

Judging from the video, the ring is not less than a carat.

AlDub fans assumed this is the “E” that Alden gave Maine on March 5, as one of his birthday gifts for Maine. Alden gave Maine a gift for every letter of her name.

When he gave the mysterious gift, he said, “Etong letter “E” na ‘to, is for your eyes only…Pag handa ka na, ako ang magsusuot sayo nito.” (This letter “E” is for your eyes only. When you are ready, i will put it on you.)

(Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

It was obvious from the box that Alden’s gift was jewelry, specifically a ring.

Does this mean that a week after AlDub became “official” on September 1, Maine is now ready to wear the ring?

Wait, it gets better though.

Before that emerald-cut ring,Maine wore what is called an “eternity” or infinity ring. Fans noticed that she first wore that eternity ring on June 1, upon her return to Kalyeserye and after the shooting in Italy for the movie Imagine You and Me.

(Image Credit: Eat Bulaga, AlDub Trend Videos)

In a beautifully edited YouTube video by adriannamandada titled a “A Couple Disguised as a Love Team”, it was said that there’s a professional jeweler from the AlDub nation who reacted the moment she saw Maine wearing the eternity ring. She said that Maine’s eternity ring comes with another ring, that is, an engagement ring with the usual bigger stone.

True enough, the ever-resourceful @MaineOOTD, found a perfect match- The Perfect Pair from Tiffany & Co. , for the eternity ring and emerald-cut ring that Maine wore of different occasions.

(Image Credit: @MaineOOTD)

An eternity ring, according to Google, symbolizes never-ending love and is usually given by a husband to his wife as early as the first year of marriage. It is usually the third ring worn on the ring finger of the left hand, which is commonly known as the engagement ring finger. The ring finger is also used for wedding bands.

Note that Maine wore the eternity ring on the middle finger of her right hand, and later replaced it with the emerald-cut diamond ring on the same finger. A lot of people wear rings on the middle finger to avoid confusion with the symbolism of wearing wedding and engagement rings.

Is it possible that Alden gave her the eternity ring and the emerald-cut diamond ring (or engagement ring) too? Since it’s true that some jewelers sell the eternity ring together with an engagement ring, it’s very possible that both rings were indeed given by Alden.

As to what it means that Alden placed the eternity ring on Maine’s ring finger on her left hand during Sunday Pinasaya’s September 11 episode, is another cause for speculation.

Neither Maine nor Alden had addressed the “engagement ring” issue. At the moment, all that AlDub fans want to believe and hope for, is that the rings symbolize a big step for AlDub’s journey to forever.

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