Liza Soberano charms housemates of PBB Lucky 7

Liza Soberano charms housemates of PBB Lucky 7

by Jessie Mendoza

Wherever Liza Soberano goes, expect people to be mesmerized by her world-famous beauty. People couldn’t help but stare and be awed by her presence.

The housemates of PBB Lucky 7, especially the guys, are no exception. The PBB housemates just went crazy when they actually meet Liza inside Kuya’s house.

(Image Credit: PBB, ABS-CBN)

What could you expect? Christian Morones, Edward Barber, Yong Muhajil, and Marco Gallo unanimously shouted “Liza!” when asked by Maymay Entrata as to who their celebrity crush is, in one of the episodes.

Edward even demonstrated to Maymay how he will hug and never let go of Liza when he sees her in person.

(Image Credit: PBB, ABS-CBN)

Thus, when Liza entered Big Brother’s house, Kuya was wise enough to let Liza meet the guys one by one. (Otherwise, would she have been mobbed?)

Liza came in while the male housemates were asleep. She was instructed to craft her own scene for each housemate as she meets each one for the first time.

First to be called by Big Brother was Marco and was instructed to go the confession room. On the way there, he saw Liza crying by the dining table. He didn’t recognize her immediately, since he only saw the back of a lady clad in maong, shoulders shaking a bit from crying.

When she turned to face him, Marco was obviously shocked. Liza was talking about someone blindfolding her and taking her to a place she doesn’t know.

When she asked Marco, “You know what’s happening?”, the PBB housemate informed Liza that she was inside the PBB house.

Liza showed her dramatic skills as she cried, prompting Marco to ask why she was crying. The actress answered “Cause I’m scared, I don’t know why I’m here.”

Marco gave Liza a piece of paper towel and as he remembered to proceed to the confession room, he showed how affected he was with meeting Liza. He exclaimed, “Wow, My God!”, and bent down to touch his knees. We bet those knees were shaking at that moment.

As he closed the door, he shouted “Kuya!” and exclaimed Oh My God! every now and then while talking to Big Brother inside the confession room.

Next, he was told by Kuya that he can have a 7-minute date with Liza. Marco chose one of the blazers inside the confession room and combed his hair to get ready for his date.

What kind of date can you have in 7 minutes, with someone considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world today?

It was literally, a very hot date.

Liza with a chili pepper in her hand (Image Credit: PBB, ABS-CBN)

After introducing himself again, Liza then said she loves eating spicy food. With no other food except rice, she asked Marco to eat 3 pieces of “siling labuyo” (wild chili), to signify “I love you”.

Though he admitted at first that he doesn’t eat spicy food, how can he say no to Liza when she said, “Pwede ka bang kumain para sa akin? Gusto ko talagang may kasabay akong kumain e.” (Can you eat some for me? I really want someone eating with me.)

Liza added, “I really like guys talaga that can eat sili. It’s a huge like turn-on for me.” She said he can back out if he wants but she will be a bit disappointed.

So Marco tried hard, though it was obvious he was almost in tears when he took a bite of the hot chili pepper.

Liza egged him on and said that Enrique and she usually have a chili eating contest. Then she took a bite of the chili, without blinking an eye. Marco could only manage to say, “Wow, sarap!” with a very contorted face, still trying to smile.

He only ate one piece  when Liza saved him already and said, “You don’t have to do it”. Marco heaved a sigh of relief as he said, “Thanks, Ate” to Liza.

As they hugged each other and Marco was about to leave the dining room , the camera caught him looking at Liza’s face, savoring the last few seconds of his date with her.

The same procedure happened with the rest of the male housemates, each of them were given a 7-minute spicy, hot date with Liza.

Yong came next after Marco. He managed to eat one chili too, while Christian ate 7 chilis.

But amongst all the PBB guys, it was Edward’s encounter with Liza that was most fun to watch. He wasted no time in hugging Liza, a few seconds after being startled by her, and blurted out “You’re the reason I’m here,” about half a minute thereafter.

Edward said he saw Liza and Enrique in Dusseldorf, Germany, and that’s when he decided to join PBB. He admitted he was starstruck and shouted to Big Brother why he wasn’t allowed to brush his teeth and take a shower before meeting Liza.

The actress complimented him and said, “It’s all right, you look good.”

When Big Brother called out to Edward, he said,”I forgot you, sorry Kuya. You can’t blame me!”

Liza was laughing (or giggling?) all along, seeing how flustered Edward was.

Edward managed to eat a lot of chilis like Christian. When Liza said he wants men who can eat well, Edward reacted by saying he can eat a lot, not just peppers. Liza answered, “Ok, next time we go out on a date, you have to eat something else then.”

Liza listening to Edward (Image Credit:PBB, ABS-CBN)

When Big Brother reminded Edward of the time,Liza said, “You have one minute to tell me everything you wanna say.”

Edward said, “I love you” in a heartbeat.

Edward Barber on his 7-minute date with Liza (Image Credit: PBB, ABS-CBN)

Liza covered her mouth and laughed,then Edward said he was joking. The actress reacted and said,”You don’t? So it’s a joke?” Edward quickly assured her, “No, no. Of course I do. Of course I do. But if I meet Enrique one day, he’s gonna hit me.”

Liza laughed again and assured him Enrique won’t. Edward gave her a paper rose he made himself, as a parting gift.

As to the PBB girls’ reaction to Liza Soberano, what can else can you expect but Maymay hugging Liza like there’s no tomorrow and shouting OMG the whole time?

Enrique’s turn to visit PBB will be aired tonight. Will he be able to carry his diehard fan, Maymay, when she rushes on to hug him?

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