AlDub honeymoon most likely in Europe

AlDub honeymoon most likely in Europe

by Jessie Mendoza

In the October 27 episode of Kalyeserye, Alden Richards was shown still without Maine Mendoza in another new house, trying to cook for Lola Nidora and Lola Tinidora.

His “wife” Maine is still in Cebu visiting another AlDub Library. Alden kept on calling her to ask the wherabouts of things and condiments he needed in preparing the dish he was cooking.

(Image Credit: Eat Bulaga, Manny and April Photography)

There were lots of instances that made the audience laugh, as usual.

It was towards the end of the episode which made AlDub fans jump all of a sudden.

Alden brought out a suitcase, making the Lolas think that he wanted to go away due to their lectures. But Alden explained,”Lola, kaya ko lang po nilabas ‘tong maleta ko kasi magiimpake na po ako para sa honeymoon namin ni Maine.”

That’s when the bullhorn sounded and everybody in the scene was caught in a contrived freeze frame.

Joey de Leon joked that Vic is asking if there’s a coverage for Alden and Maine’s honeymoon.

The AlDub honeymoon will be most likely in Europe. Allan K hinted as much on Eat Bulaga a few days after the AlDub wedding.

Remember what Alden said in an interview with Lhar Santiago a month ago? He mentioned that he and Maine will go on a personal vacation to London and Germany from end of October until November 4. He even specified that they will spend 2 days in London then 2 days in Germany.

So, will Maine and Alden’s personal vacation be timed with the “honeymoon” storyline of Kalyeserye?

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