AlDub Wedding Timeline Part 2: LOOK at the Best AlDub Wedding Photos

AlDub Wedding Timeline Part 2: LOOK at the Best AlDub Wedding Photos

by Jessie Mendoza

Eat Bulaga aired its live broadcast of the much-anticipated AlDub Wedding more than a week ago, on October 22. The AlDub couple is now on their “honeymoon” phase and yet, AlDub fans still cannot get over their kilig for everything that happened during the fictional wedding of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza on Kalyeserye.

The series of videos by top videographer Jason Magbanua have been aired on Eat Bulaga and have been uploaded on his YouTube channel a week ago, gaining a combined total of over 1.4 million views on his channel.


(Image Credit: screen capture from Jason Magbanua’s AlDub wedding video)

A screen capture of AlDub’s wedding kiss from Jason’s videos titled “Maine and Alden’s Wedding: The Same Day Edit” and “Maine and Alden: The Wedding Highlights”, is the most-shared wedding photo online. A lot of fans have edited it, made an animated GIF or Vine video out of it.

But aside from that screen cap of Jason’s video of AlDub’s wedding kiss, lots of wonderful photos have been circulating online since the day of the wedding and are still circulating online up to now. Many of the pictures shared by AlDub fans come from Metrophoto, AlDub’s official wedding photographer.

We have chosen the photos being shared the most on social media and picked those we consider as the best of the lot.

We think these AlDub wedding photos will be forever etched on the minds of AlDub fans:

The Bride (Image Credit: Metrophoto @mymetrophoto FB)

The Groom (Image Credit:Metrophoto @mymetrophoto FB)

Maine just before the wedding (Image Credit: Metrophoto @mymetrophoto FB)

Alden waiting for his bride (Image Credit: Metrophoto @mymetrophoto FB)

Maine’s wedding veil (Image Credit: Metrophoto @mymetrophoto FB)

Maine walking down the aisle (Image Credit:Metrophoto @mymetrophoto FB)

Maine’s signature wackiness during the wedding ceremony (Image Credit: Metrophoto @mymetrophoto FB)

“I Do, Father” (Image Credit: Metrophoto @mymetrophoto FB)


Alden lifting the veil (Image Credit: @raffytima)

A light moment before the kiss (Image Credit: @raffytima)

Getting ready for the kiss (Image Credit: @raffytima)

Milliseconds before the kiss (Image Credit: Metrophoto @mymetrophoto FB)

AlDub Wedding Kiss (Image Credit: @raffytima)

Officiating priest ecstatic with  AlDub wedding kiss (Image Credit: @raffytima)

The kiss from another angle (Image Credit: Metrophoto @mymetrophoto FB)

…and another angle (Image Credit: @nategonzagaphotography IG)

AlDub wedding kiss, wide angle shot (@leysam17 IG)

Okay, enough of the AlDub wedding kiss. Those five shots will probably give you an idea just how real the kiss was. Anyway, here are a few more photos which gained traction online:

The sweetest hug after the kiss (Image Credit: @nategonzagaphotography IG)

Sweet pic after the ceremony (Image Credit: Metrophoto @mymetrophoto FB)

And finally, one of the most-shared and most-liked photos from the wedding was the one posted by Maine on her Instagram account. The photo shows the Kalyeserye couple against a backdrop of a colorful flower wall, with their heads close together, forehead to forehead, nose to nose; with Maine touching Alden’s cheek and Alden holding Maine’s hand. Both of them smiling and looking at each other sweetly, lost in their own world.

Maine:Congratulazione, Mister and Missus! #ALDUBWedding (Image Credit: @mainedcm IG)

Kalyeserye’s Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were married at the Shrine of Jesus the Divine Word on October 22,2016. Aside from the notable wedding entourage, there were 600 guests who came to the wedding. Majority of them were representatives of the fan clubs composing the big fandom known as the AlDub nation.

For many days or months to come, the AlDub Wedding will linger in the mind of every member of the AlDub nation. We chose the above collection of photos to document the event for posterity, wedding photos which we think should be in the ultimate collection of every AlDub fan.

Still can’t get enough of Alden and Maine’s most memorable Kalyeserye wedding? Click HERE for Jason Magbanua’s AlDub Wedding video. For a collection of Metrophoto’s AlDub pictures, click HERE

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