AlDub’s sweetest off-cam moments in Bohol

AlDub's sweetest off-cam moments in Bohol

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza have been absent on Eat Bulaga for the past few days. That’s because they are in the lovely island of Bohol, shooting scenes for the upcoming film Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers. 

But fans didn’t mind if AlDub was temporarily absent from the noontime show since Thursday (October 6). In fact, the kilig continued outside of Eat Bulaga, especially since there was an abundance of social media posts which showed plenty of sweet moments between Alden and Maine.

(Image Credit: Leah Marchil @marchil)

The AlDub nation rejoiced in the fact that the pair were once again together, after Alden’s trip to London, and after Maine’s beach getaway. More than that, most AlDub fans were pleasantly surprised that Maine and Alden are part of Vic Sotto’s latest Enteng Kabisote installment.

So what were those moments that the AlDub nation had been raving about?

If we’re to rank the posts, nothing would beat (as of now) the tweet by Leah Marchil (@marchil) which showed a video wherein Alden was sort of massaging Maine’s lower back and hips, while they were enjoying the view of Chocolate Hills.

(Image Credit: @marchil)

Marchil tweeted the message “The view of the Chocolate Hills is so beautiful but at this point, who cares right? ? #ALDUBMagkapiling sa Bohol”

In the video, Maine was seated, talking animatedly with their companions. Alden was standing with his body slightly bent, also enjoying the conversation. But at the same time, he was patting Maine’s lower back with his right hand, going a bit towards her hips.

The 26 second video had been retweeted more than 5000 times and had been liked almost 7000 times. The video clip became so popular that one of AlDub’s biggest fan, Broadway Janitor, tweeted that Marchil is AlDub Faney of the Week for capturing what he called, #TinambolTambolSaBohol.

Another kilig moment was tweeted by Eds Faustino (who thanked a Tita Rose for the pic) wherein Alden is seen feeding Maine from across the table. This happened while they were having lunch during  the Loboc River Cruise.

(Image Credit: Eds Faustino (@princesseds)

There’s a video tweeted by @AlDubBigBoyz  which explained why Alden did this. It seems Maine was challenged to have a taste of sea urchin. Alden could be heard saying “Subo agad, pagbigay.”

Maine winced at the taste of the delicacy, and people at the boat laughed at her reaction. However, after talking and laughing for about half a minute, she just couldn’t take the taste and had to spit it out on a table napkin. We couldn’t blame her, the fishy, salty taste of a sea urchin is quite hard to take,

During the Loboc River Cruise, Maine and Alden also had a brief moment to themselves, when they went to the front part or the bow of the ferry. The imagination of fans ran wild as they compared the scene to Rose and Jack’s scene in Titanic. Although AlDub didn’t hug the way Jack and  Rose did, Alden and Maine separating from the group was enough for the fans to celebrate.

(Image Credit: @menggalurks, Raynel Amora)

(Image Credit: @menggalurks, Raynel Amora)

(Image Credit: @leysam17 IG)


(Image Credit: Eds Faustino (@princesseds)

(Image Credit: Eds Faustino (@princesseds)

One of the most talked about moments during the Loboc River Cruise was how the two reportedly shared a bottle of Coke. According to some fans, (though there’s no actual video or picture to prove it), after Maine sipped some Coke using a straw, Alden reached out and had a sip using the same straw. It kind of reminds one of that straw they shared while sipping a Starbucks drink during one of Kalyeserye’s episodes.

Sharing one Coke and a straw? (Image Credit: @noriegee)

Then there are also pictures which show Alden putting his arm over Maine’s shoulder (akbay), or photos where he embraces Maine protectively from the back, acting like Maine’s personal bodyguard.

(Image Credit: ctto, @am_pusanicathz IG)

(Image Credit:  @mnr_inc IG)

There are other pictures that may be part of EK 10 scenes, but still makes AlDub fans’ hearts beat faster. Especially a picture which shows Alden and Maine sitting on the sand, with Maine leaning so relaxed on Alden’s shoulder. One of the directors of EK 10, Director Marlon Rivera, posted the beach photo on IG (@mnr_inc) and  commented “yun na nga, pre roll pa lang yan”. Pre-roll basically means that the camera is rolling, before the action begins.

(Image Credit: @mnr_inc IG)

(Image Credit: @mnr_inc IG)

Yesterday, Alden reportedly went back to Manila in preparation for his album launch on Sunday PinaSaya (SPS). But there’s a rumor that he left behind his PA, Tenten, to take care of Maine in his absence and to make sure she eats on time. You don’t need a picture for that, right?

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