Kalyeserye returns with “Ang Pamamanhikan”, no date for AlDub wedding yet

Kalyeserye returns with "Ang Pamamanhikan"; no date yet for AlDub wedding

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

All eyes of the AlDub nation were glued to the tv screen as the Lolas came back to the mansion, coming from a 5-year vacation abroad. Lola Nidora said she came back for a special occasion.

What could be more special than Alden’s “Pamamanhikan”?

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After more than a (real) year of Kalyeserye on national television, Alden finally asked Lola Nidora for Maine or Divina’s hand in marriage.

Prior to Alden’s Pamamanhikan, Lola Nidora revealed the special day when she had a problem with the delivery of the cake. She blurted out on the phone,  “Ngayon na kailangan ang cake na yan, kasi ngayon ang araw ng pamamanhikan!” (That cake is needed today, because today is the day of “pamamanhikan”).

AlDub fans at the studio erupted, when Lola Nidora said those words.

After the arrival of Lola Tinidora and Lola Tidora, the screaming and the kilig intensified. When Alden arrived at the mansion, AlDub fans could hardly contain their excitement anymore.

Alden stepped off from the van, bringing with him bouquets of flowers. He came in with Doña Babba who asked if he was sure of what he’s about to do, Alden said, “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

After chatting with the Lolas for a bit, Alden asked” Lola nasan na po ba yung fiancee ko?” (Lola, where is my fiancee?)

Maine came down from the stairs wearing the iconic red dress she wore during Alden’s first visit to the mansion. Alden immediately started dancing with her. As their foreheads touched and their faces came close to each other, there was pandemonium at the Broadway studio.

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And when Alden hugged Maine tightly but gently, what could we say but all hell broke loose?

Somehow, Maine hugged Alden differently this time, compared to earlier Kalyeserye episodes. She looked more comfortable, her hands flat at the back of Alden. And really, there was no space in-between them during that hug. He even kissed her hand.

(Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

(Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

After that, Doña Babba and Lola Nidora talked about the pair.

But it was the dialogues of Alden and Maine that grabbed the attention of the audience. Here are some excerpts from the Pamamanhikan episode, those lines that AlDub fans reacted to the most:

Alden asking for Divina’s hand in marriage:

Alden: “Lola, buong puso po akong humaharap sainyo ngayon, upang hingin ang kamay ng pinakamamahal ninyong apo na si Divina.”

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Alden and Divina said the following lines after listening to some marriage advice from Lola Nidora:

Alden: Lola, matagal din po naming itong hinintay. Inayos po namin yung buhay namin. Yung mga trabaho po namin para maging handa po kami sa kinabukasan po naming magkasama kaming dalawa ni Maine… ito na po yung Tamang Panahon. Handang handa na po ako na ang buhay ko ay magiging buhay nya. At ang buhay nya ay magiging buhay ko. 

Divina: Lola, di ba po ang sabi ko naman po sainyo yung pag aartista e nandyan lang po yan lola. Kasi ang tunay ko naman po talagang pangarap ay magkaron ng isang pamilya na makasama po yung mahal ko sa buhay. Magkaron  po ng malulusog na anak.
Alden: Ilan ba?
Maine: 32. Mamaya na natin pag-usapan yan.
Maine: Pero lola, ayun lang naman po pangarap ko e. Yung may makasama sa habang buhay. At sigurado na po ako na si Alden na po yun.

There were many instances of near lips to lips kisses during the whole episode because Lola Tinidora kept on pushing Alden and Maine’s head together.

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But even without Lola Tinidora’s prodding, Alden kissed Maine on the forehead, on the nose, and planted quick kisses on her hair. When they sat at the sofa, Alden rarely let go of Maine. For most of the conversation, he held her close to him.

With AlDub’s very sweet scenes, the studio audience alternated between screams and sighs.

The episode ended with a freeze-frame, as usual, with the date of Alden and Maine’s wedding still not revealed till the end.

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