Maine Mendoza spends some ‘me’ time while Alden Richards is in London

Maine Mendoza spends some 'me' time while Alden's in London

by Jessie Mendoza

While Alden Richards is visiting famous tourist spots in London, Maine spends time with her friends at her favorite destination- the beach.

The Queen of Dubsmash posted pictures of her beach getaway on her social media accounts.

Maine Mendoza with her friends (Image Credit: @mainedcm)

She also wrote short poems which accompanied her IG posts about the trip and her much longed-for day off.

(Image Credit: @mainedcm IG)

her thoughts were strewing on the surface
as she was floating on water
she was calm
as well as the ocean
and the ocean was deep
as well as her thoughts
[email protected] IG

The poems indicate Maine’s longing to be on her own for a while, to gather her thoughts, and get back what she lost when she was caught in the maelstrom of the showbiz industry.

(Image Credit: @mainedcm IG)

Here’s the other poem which accompanied the IG post which showed Maine’s back against the camera. A lot of AlDub fans are raving not only about the picture but also about the poem, which they hope can also be converted into a song someday:

Can I take a day off?
To wander off the streets
And drive along an endless road
Can I go alone?

Can I take a day off?
To break free from chaos
And marvel on my own
Can I go alone?

Can I take a day off?
To obtain serenity
And find my way to the shore
Can I go alone?

Let me take a day off
To save myself
And find what I lost
Let me go alone.
– @mainedcm IG

AlDub fans reacted by saying that Maine deserved a break from her hectic schedule.
Obviously, Maine needs the sea to recharge and rebalance.

Thrown into the limelight via her Yaya Dub role on Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye, the AlDub nation’s bibi girl barely had time enough to rest.

The phenomenal rise to stardom can be unsettling for anybody, more so for someone who is an admitted introvert like Maine. To regain her footing, Maine almost always sought the refuge of the sand and the sea.

(Image Credit: @mainedcm)

One only has to visit Maine’s social media accounts to see lots of pictures which shows her affinity with the sea.

In Maine’s case, she had to get lost in the sea every now and then, to find herself again.

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