AlDub mostly ‘quiet’ about their personal European vacation

AlDub mostly 'quiet' about their European personal vacation

by Jessie Mendoza

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza have been home for almost a week now from their European vacation. Yet, there are very few photos of them together during their short trip to London and Germany.

When they came back to Kalyeserye, they talked about going to “Lola Madre” of the Pink Sisters in Germany, where they went twice. They did not spill all the details but Alden said they alloted the day for the nun and even came back to her on their second day there.

Maine at Bad Driburg, Germany (Image Credit: @mainedcm)

Maine said they gave thanks for all the blessings they have received. Alden added that they asked for guidance from the nun so that the Lord will guide them (Lolas included) in everything they do.

AlDub at the Pink Sisters convent in Germany
(Image Credit: AlDub Scoopers)

The pair just said they ate a lot of sausages and met a lot of Filipinos during their trip. They also said that the best place they visited was the Pink Sisters’ convent and revealed that their primary purpose was for the trip was to visit the Lola Madre and to give thanks for all their blessings.

Alden also said that the trip “relaxed” both of them and Maine described it as “sulit na sulit”.

As the AlDub fans waited for more details, the stories about their European trip just about ended there.

AlDub went for a trip to Europe with the Tuvieras of APT during the recent holidays covering All Souls’Day. It was a personal vacation, as Alden explained weeks prior to the trip in his interview with Lhar Santiago.

Maine with the Tuviera group (Image Credit: @memoriesofmaichard IG)

Unlike before where lots of photos abound online the moment AlDub’s out of town, it was different for the European personal vacation. Sure, there were the usual fan photos with either Alden or Maine, but not with the two of them together.

AlDub fans knew beforehand that they have to respect the privacy of the phenomenal love team but they couldn’t help but miss the two of them together.


Maine with Big Ben of London as backdrop (Image Credit: @mainedcm)

Maine posted a photo of her on Instagram, but she was alone on both photos on IG. No Alden in the picture.

Fans knew, however,that Alden is just somewhere near her, although there was no confirmation of that.

There was hardly any photo of Alden and Maine together in one picture, making many fans wonder if the two of them were ever together in one location during their vacation.

First picture of Alden and Maine together in London (ALDUB Scoopers @EmeraldJah30)

But in the wee hours of November 4, a photo finally came up of Alden and Maine together. The picture was reportedly taken in a coffee shop in Central London, and it was tweeted by ALDUB Scoopers (@EmeraldJah30). The exact location was not disclosed, in order to protect the privacy of the two, according to ALDUB Scoopers.

It was also said that Alden and Maine were dating alone, without anyone else with them. No bodyguards nor friends with them at the time the photo was taken.

AlDub at Les Miserables (@memoriesofmaichard IG)

Then other photos cropped up, showing Maine and Alden wearing the same clothes, in separate photos with fans but in the same location. That is, outside a theater showing Les Miserables.

A fan said the pair saw the play together, again only the two of them.

Did the AlDub fans get mad because on the lack of updates from Alden and Maine during that time? Naahh. In fact, the AlDub fans were happy. They were content in the fact that the two spent time together away from the public eye.

When AlDub came home on the same flight and were met by fans at the airport, that’s the only time that pictures and videos of Alden and Maine appearing together, flooded social media. Alden even kissed Maine on the cheek and then rubbed her back as he went on ahead to ride in a separate car.

Kiss at the airport (@Maineinfinity_ofc)

that kiss from another angle (tisoylovemeng IG)

So, that’s how the AlDub vacation in London and Germany went. Alden and Maine are not giving any more details, were real quiet about it, and still are.

But the AlDub nation is celebrating that silence just the same. As they say, Silence is Golden. And in this case, silence may mean golden memories of Alden and Maine’s vacation in Europe. Memories which AlDub will truly treasure in the years to come.

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