Rufa Mae Quinto’s Same Day Edit wedding video goes viral

Rufa Mae Quinto's Same Day Edit wedding video goes viral

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

The same day edit (SDE) of Rufa Mae Quinto’s wedding with Trevor Magallanes had gone viral on Facebook with more than 343,000 views, and almost 4,900 shares as of this writing.

True to her showbiz persona as a comedienne, Rufa Mae was as engaging and adorable during her wedding on November 25.

(Image Credit: screengrab from Rufa Mae-Trevor SDE by Limacon Still and Motion)

Wearing a Pepsi Herrera gown, Rufa was glowing as a bride and mother-to-be. Her smile showed how happy she was on her wedding day.

The sponsors and guests which included Ai-Ai delas Alas, Jean Garcia, Grace Lee, Joyce Jimenez, Aiko Melendez, LJ Moreno, and Shalani Soledad-Romulo couldn’t help but be touched by the wedding ceremony. The nuptials was highlighted by Trevor’s tears and Rufa Mae’s amusing delivery of her wedding vows, and her beaming smile throughout most of the ceremony.

The video and photos taken by Limacon Still and Motion showed scenes of guests wiping their tears away. They captured the rare moments when comedienne Rufa Mae managed to make her audience cry rather than laugh.

(Image Credit: screengrab from SDE by Limacon Still and Motion)

The wedding vows were simple but sincere. Ruffa didn’t forget to add “yes” at the end of her sentences, just like when she delivers her lines on TV.

Here are their vows as shown on the video:


I always prayed to have a family of my own. It’s a dream and now it’s a reality. Yes, my dreams came true. You gave your life, your surname, sir, yes. And the greatest love of all, your love and and your fruit of love, our little one, yes.


I know that you said that I sacrificed a lot for you, but really, it was well worth it and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. And I promise that I will be the best husband that you deserve, and that I can be the best person to take care of our family, and I just want to make sure that you’re happy for the rest of your life.

Some people will probably describe it as a May-December marriage, considering the 9 year age difference between Rufa, who is 38 and Trevor who’s 29. But the love shown by the couple was enough to melt that age gap.

Rufa Mae and Trevor’s whirlwind romance has stunned a lot of fans and people in the showbiz industry. The actress-comedienne had dated and become involved with a handful of guys before, but she never ended up marrying anyone. It seemed like it was always career first for Rufa.

She said in an interview with Inquirer that she probably wasn’t ready at that time and she didn’t really find that someone whom she was willing to marry.

Then in the past few months prior to meeting Trevor, she visited the US for reasons she cannot explain. It was on her fifth visit that she met Trevor, a financial analyst who was then working for a Roche subsidiary named Genentech. It turned out, Rufa Mae had been Trevor’s dream girl since he saw her on cable TV in 2007.

He describes their meeting as some sort of a miracle.

The couple will witness another miracle in their lives when Rufa Mae gives birth to their daughter, who they already named as “Alexandria”.

Watch the SDE of the Rufa Mae-Trevor wedding which was posted on the Facebook page of Teena Baretto Events:

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