Sharon on Gabby Concepcion: ‘I don’t even know if we’re friends’

Sharon on Gabby: 'I don't even know if we're friends'

by Jessie Mendoza

Megastar Sharon Cuneta seems unsure of her footing with regards to Gabby Concepcion. Sharon is uncertain about the status of her relationship with ex-husband Gabby Concepcion, the father of her eldest child, KC Concepcion.

In a recent vlog she posted on her YouTube channel, Sharon uttered the words “I don’t even know if we’re friends ” when she tried to describe how she’s getting along with Gabby.


Sharon vlogging on her YouTube channel (Image Credit: TheSharonCunetaChannel)

Her description about her current status with Gabby was one of the things she talked about when fans asked her if the Sharon-Gabby movie has a chance of pushing through.

She said that the Sharon-Gabby movie was scheduled for “very soon”. But she does not know if it still is, since it does not only depend on her nor on Star Cinema, but it will also depend on Gabby, the producers, and on the demand of the public. It largely depends on  Star Cinema’s evaluation on what “the people are clamoring” for.

Gabby-Sharon love team (Image Credit: micfercab,

The singer-actress said that a movie usually takes away so much time from her family, from two to six months to a maximum of one year. So, if ever she makes one, she wants it to be a “happy and good experience”.

For the Sharon-Gabby movie, she also said that a lot will also depend on Gabby:

It will really depend if Gabby wants to work with me. Or if he’ll enjoy, because we haven’t really spent time together in many, many years, so I don’t know how much he’s changed…Honestly… I don’t know, I don’t even know if we’re friends. (laughs). We’re not fighting…”

At that point Sharon told the story when she met Gabby at an event. They talked, but she described the meeting as “somewhere in the middle”, neither happy nor sad. Which makes her wonder if Gabby would want to do a movie with her, if offered the role.

She is also wondering if they will work well together considering they are very different persons now, compared to when they met as teen-agers, made movies together, gone through marriage then separation later.

He is a very different person from what he was before, and same with me. May sarili na syang pamilya, may sarili na kong pamilya. To make a long story short, I’m too old for complications or drama or whatever and I’m not saying there’s going to be drama or complications if I work with him. But I would like it to be a happy set. If he is offered a movie with me and he accepts it, I hope we work well together kasi magkasundo naman kami nung araw e.

When Gabby is really nice, he’s really nice. So when he’s masungit, he’s really masungit. Like me. So, let’s just keep praying for that.”

She is aware that a lot of young people today only know Richard Gomez and Robin Padilla as her partners. She said she wished someone would explain to them how wonderful the Gabby-Sharon love team was, how strong and powerful it was at the box office and most of all, how good the chemistry was between them.

Chemistry, naturally no question, it was always there between us. We did get married, we did have a beautiful daughter. So i”ll just leave it at that.

Towards the end of the 15-minute video, Sharon revealed that Robin Padilla is her favorite leading man because there’s never a dull moment when she’s working with him. He described Robin as the most caring, most fun to work with, and most solicitous. Sharon went as far as saying that they seem to have been cut from the same cloth since they get along so well.

Despite her pronouncement, Star Cinema is still trying to choose who among Richard, Gabby or Robin will be Sharon’s partner in her comeback movie. Sharon only knows the shooting for the movie will be in January next year.

In the same breath, she said she will have no birthday concert since she will also be busy with a new TV show, which will air on her birthday week in January 2017.

Click HERE for the Q&A vlog of Sharon.

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