Till I Met You execs summoned by MTRCB over JaDine’s controversial love scenes

Till I Met You execs summoned by MTRCB over JaDine's 'daring' car love scene

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

Till I Met You (TIMY) Directors Antoinette Jadaone and Andoy Ranay, were summoned by the Motion and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) regarding JaDine’s teleserye episodes which aired on October 25, 26, 27, and 28.

Along with the directors, Executive Producer Arnel Nacario and writer Shugo Praico were also asked to attend a conference with the MTRCB on November 10.


JaDine’s controversial passionate love scene on TIMY (Image Credit: ABS-CBN Entertainment)

The following points were brought up by the MTRCB with regards to the TIMY episodes in question:

1) October 25 episode – a ‘purportedly daring’ love-making scene inside a car, which some audiences found to be unfit for TV despite the Strong Parental Guidance (SPG) advisory

2) October 26 episode- the casual use of the phrase “sex lang yan” (that’s just sex), without reference to or in disregard of the institution of marriage

3) October 27 and 28 episodes- for allegedly “sexually teasing” content and sexually-charged bath-related scenes with only Parental Guidance (PG) advisory


(Image Credit: ABS-CBN Entertainment)

MTRCB noted that despite the PG and SPG advisories, there are young audiences watching the tv series. The regulatory agency asked for the conference with TIMY executives in response to public feedback on both social and traditional media. Apparently, some members of the audience found some scenes of TIMY to be inappropriate for television.

The “urgent” summons was crafted on November 2 and signed by no less than Eugenio Villareal, MTRCB’s Chairperson.

Reaction to the news were mixed. JaDine fans said that the love scenes were tastefully done and carried a good message in the end. Besides, they said the show was at a late time slot because it is geared for mature audiences. They are crying foul, saying it’s selective censorship on MTRCB’s part, considering the fact that there are more tv shows in earlier time slots, that have more explicit love scenes than TIMY.

The term “selective censorship” was also used by ABS-CBN publicist Eric John Salut, who slammed the MTRCB summons in a series of tweets. Eric expressed his dismay that TIMY or the JaDine tv series is being singled out for censorship despite its being a wonderful teleserye.

In contrast, some people on social media commented that TIMY had gone overboard this time, considering a lot of JaDine fans are young people, mostly teeners. Some commenters said they had to switch to another channel or turn off the TV so their kids won’t see the intimate love scenes.

For people who have watched the TIMY episodes in question, do you agree with issues raised by MTRCB or not?

If you have not seen the controversial episodes, Click HERE for the uncut car love scene of JaDine on TIMY’s October 25 episode and judge for yourself if the MTRCB summons has merit.

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