5 things Kris Aquino likes most about Maine Mendoza

Kris Aquino lists 5 things she likes about Maine Mendoza

by Jessie Mendoza

Kris Aquino has recently launched her This is Kris, #ThisIsREAL video series via Facebook LIVE on November 30, with no less than phenomenal star Maine Mendoza as her first guest.

The Facebook LIVE of This is Kris #ThisIsReal with Maine was more of a short, initial conversation between two people, rather than an interview.

#KrisMeetsMaine (Image Credit: @krisaquino IG)

Kris and Maine met at an LBC event in 2015 before Maine’s phenomenal rise to stardom but they never really got to talk to each other that much, we presume.

Kris and Maine met was at  LBC event (Image Credit: @mainedcm IG)

Maine was a bit nervous during the meeting for #ThisIsReal. Kris even commented when they first shook hands that Maine’s hand was cold.

“Ang lamig ng kamay mo, pinapa nerbyos ba kita?”, Kris asked. Maine was laughing when she said timidly, “Opo, medyo”.

The conversation drifted from Bulacan to Europe to US and a lot more. But in that short encounter, Maine managed to make Kris teary-eyed in the end.

In her most recent Facebook post which featured a video titled, 5 Things I like About Maine, Kris wrote this accompanying message: In our first meeting, Maine made me teary-eyed. Pinataba niya ang puso ko. Thank you, Maine. #KrisMeetsMaine #ThisIsReal

(Image Credit: Kris Aquino FB page)

The meeting with Maine may have been short but the Queen of Dubsmash left a “very good first impression” with the Queen of All Media. Kris listed the following as to why she liked Maine:

Maine’s pretty and expressive eyes. Kris said that she was literally shocked by how Maine’s eyes twinkled and sparkled when she smiles and tells stories.

Kris loves the fact that Maine and her eldest son Josh share the same birth year.

Maine’s love for her family is impressive and is evidenced by the effort she makes to be with her family.

Maine’s “honesty is refreshing”. Though they appreciate different sets of artists, Kris loves it that they both love music.

The last one (number 5), we have to quote from the Facebook video, because it shows how and why Kris got teary-eyed during her meeting with Maine.

Her humility was heartfelt. She whispered to me, “Ms. Kris, gusto ko lang po mag-thank you.” And I was clueless, so I asked her why. She said, “Kung wala po kayo, ang lahat ng ito hindi mangyayari.” Of course, I didn’t want to make it obvious but her THANK YOU made me teary-eyed. OMG. This ISN’t false humility, but nakakataba ng puso, definitely.”

Maine’s ticket to fame was a collection of Dubsmash videos featuring Kris Aquino’s famous quips and one-liners. Her delivery was funny and spot on, and within 24 hours, that Kris collection gained over 1 million views on Facebook.

Undoubtedly, Krissy’s colorful personality and immense popularity was instrumental in Maine’s viral video. Aside of course, from Maine’s exceptional talent for making wacky faces and her brilliant video editing skills.

(Image Credit: screencap from Kris Aquino FB page)

AlDub fans say Maine was fated to meet Alden Richards. But aside from Alden, we think Kris is also one of the  key people who’s destined to meet Maine. Krissy’s FB Live with Maine proves that point.

Who would have thought that Kris and Maine will end up both being managed by APT Entertainment? More than that, who would have thought that Maine will be interviewed by talk show host Kris, a previous top talent of ABS-CBN?

The Kris-Maine encounter did not end there. The two celebrities went on to watch Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers together, and they seemed to have really bonded well.

Kris said towards the end that she would love to have a longer conversation with Maine. That is, when Maine is comfortable enough,”pag komportable ka na”.

AlDub fans are thanking Kris on social media for appreciating their idol and for seeing her good points. Kris probably gained thousands of new followers among AlDub nation members and most are now looking forward to her future videos.

Watch Kris Aquino’s first #ThisIsReal episode with Maine Mendoza as guest:

Watch 5 Things I Like About Maine courtesy of Kris Aquino’s FB page:

Click HERE to go to Kris Aquino’s official Facebook Page.

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