Kris Aquino gave Maine Mendoza a heartwarming advice

Maine Mendoza almost cried when Kris Aquino gave her a heartwarming advice

by Jessie Mendoza

About two weeks ago, Kris Aquino admitted that Maine Mendoza made her teary-eyed in their very first Facebook Live encounter. Maine thanked Kris sincerely for jumpstarting her phenomenal rise to stardom which touched the heart of the Queen of All Media.

Now, in the first installment of a scheduled 3 part one-on-one interview with Maine Mendoza for #ThisisReal, it was Krissy’s turn to bring tears to Maine’s expressive eyes.

(Image Credit: screencap from @RealKris Aquino FB page)

After several simple questions, Kris learned what a lot of die-hard fans already know about Maine:

She loves simple things
She is wise in handling her money (sometimes does not even spend twenty, would you believe?),
She loves the beach so much that her dream destination is Maldives
She loves Coldplay
She loves writing essays and poetry and might still write songs in the future

(Image Credit: @RealKrisAquino FB Page)

But it was the host’s last question that was the meat of the video.

To the question, “If you could ask for one thing, what would it be?” Maine answered, “genuine happiness”.

Kris commented that was deep and asked, “You don’t feel that your happiness is genuine?”

Maine said her happiness is genuine but she wants something that is lasting. Because that’s her only dream in life… to be happy.

Kris remarked that Maine is really idealistic and that she is amazed by her.

With that, Kris gave a touching but wise advice to the neophyte star.

Don’t put down yourself. Kasi there’s so much in you to be proud of. Kasi ako bilib na bilib sa lahat ng na -achieve mo.”

At that point, Maine seemed to be holding back her tears and even said, “Naiiyak ako”.

Kris continued,

HIndi, di ba? It’s just a reminder from someone who’s really seen it all. Pero siguro dapat din isipin mo na you owe it to them. To be proud of yourself.”

Maine was smiling and but obviously holding back her tears, as the video ended.

Kris featured Maine as her first guest on her new video series on Facebook. That first #ThisIsReal interview with Maine has already gained 1.1 million views, 41000 reactions and over 3000 shares.

Thousands of fans of the other half of AlDub, requested for a longer conversation with the phenomenal star. Kris gave in to the clamor and promised to have a deeper one-on-one interview with Maine.

#ThisIsReal titled the 3 part series as “Unscripted: Beyond Funny… Maine Mendoza”. Part 2 of the series will air December 18, 5pm, and Part 3 on December 19, 5 PM.

Click HERE to watch part 1 of the interview from the @RealKrisAquino FB Page.

To watch more of Kris Aquino’s video series, #ThisIsReal, click HERE.

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