Maine Mendoza’s first mall show gathers huge crowd

Maine Mendoza draws super huge crowd at her first mall show

by Jessie Mendoza

Over the weekend, Maine Mendoza has proven how phenomenal she really is, when a mammoth crowd watched her first solo appearance at SM Novaliches.

As the main guest of SM Global Pinoy at SM Nova, most fans consider the event as Maine’s first mall show without her love team partner, Alden Richards.

(Image Credit: @OfficialSMCares)

The massive crowd that gathered inside and outside the mall just to catch a glimpse of Maine, counters some criticisms which hinted that Maine had lost her appeal with the Filipino public.

The event was supposedly scheduled for 6 PM but as early as 12 noon, the venue was almost packed to the rafters. The fans waited patiently for her arrival.

The crowd at SM Nova hours before Maine’s arrival (Image Credit: @OfficialSMCares)

When Maine finally emerged from backstage for her dance number, a lot of fans said they had goosebumps because of the deafening applause or response welcoming her.

(Image Credit: MAINEnatics Bulacan)

The Queen of Dubsmash, who came to be loved by the TV viewers via her iconic Yaya Dub role in Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye, still creates a near-stampede with her mere presence.

The security people did not expect such a massive turnout of support for Maine. Someone said the mall’s security department even asked some help from other SM employees to help control the crowd. Some fans noted that for the first time ever, steel barriers were set up along the hallways of the mall as added security measure.

A video by Angel Asiatico-Oliveros captured the excitement the moment Maine arrived at the venue. Notice the child covering his ears to block out the noise of the crowd.

Maine Mendoza, as one fan said, was a security nightmare that day.

When Maine finished her stint, fans noted that it took almost half an hour before she was able to exit from the backstage. That’s because every time the door opened, people scrambled and screamed. The organizers seemed at a lost on how they will be able to secure Maine from backstage all the way to her van.

Watch this video by Gabrielle, and see how fans on the hallway were either just screaming or shouting “Maine!”.

Sorry, the video isn’t available anymore.

Upon her exit from the venue, a throng of fans were still trying to get near Maine. The van which she rode was stalled for more than 15 minutes since fans were still trying to get a picture of her. They simply didn’t want to let her go.

A video by Joy-Ann Nati shows the frenzied reaction of the crowd to Maine.

Sorry, the video isn’t available anymore.

Fans gushed how beautiful Maine is, in person. A lot of them say she’s like a living Barbie doll, with very long lashes and pretty eyes. No wonder, a lot of guys were also in the crowd, trying their best to get videos or pictures of the other half of AlDub.

With the tremendous response to her first solo mall show, fans are clamoring for more mall shows for Maine.

If there’s another thing that was proven during the show, it’s the fact that the AlDub nation is still a very big and powerful fandom. With such a fanbase, Maine and Alden’s careers will not likely dim anytime soon.

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