MMFF 2016 entries, first day top grossers revealed

Netizens react positively to MMFF 2016 entries, first day top grossers revealed

by Jessie Mendoza

The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2016 Executive Committee recently revealed that they have have reached their targeted ticket sales for the first day of the festival.

Though the MMFF Execom did not reveal the specific ticket sales target, they said that having reached it is just a bonus. That’s because they have already achieved the real objective, which is, “the cultural advancement through our Filipino films.”

(Image Credit: @mmffofficial FB page)

“You cannot put a price at something which the future generations of Filipinos will find priceless and ageless,” the MMFF 2016 Execom stated on their FB page.

The MMFF 2016 has a new set of criteria for this year’s entries. The adjudged final entries have been criticized by some producers but also praised by some. Except for Vince and Kath and James which is produced by Star Cinema, most of the entries that passed the new ciriteria are indies or from small independent production companies.

Of the eight MMFF entries, four were considered first day top grossers,including the following (not ranked according to earnings):

Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2  
Die Beautiful
Vince and Kath and James

Meanwhile, more moviegoers are reacting positively than negatively to the entries, based on comments on social media.

A lot of commenters are recommending Die Beautiful, saying it’s an excellent film, so much so that people in cinemas give the film a round of applause after each screening. They say Paolo Ballesteros’ acting was solid and that they’re not wondering anymore why it won international awards and why Paolo also garnered acting awards for the LGBT film.

Praises were also abundant for the documentary, Sunday Beauty Queen and for Seklusyon.

People are asking why some of the entries are not shown in some theaters. There are lots of netizens who are looking for theaters showing Saving Sally, Oro, and Kabisera.

The MMFF also announced 30% discount for students, and 10% discount for PWDs and senior citizens on top of their usual discounts. The discount is for the following films only: Kabisera, Oro, Saving Sally, and Sunday Beauty Queen.

Click HERE to know the mechanics for the 30% film fest discount.

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