AlDub at Sinulog 2017, best pics and videos

AlDub had a blast at Sinulog 2017, best pics and videos

by Jessie Mendoza

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, both coming from a bout of of overfatigue due to their punishing schedules, have bounced back by enjoying their participation at Sinulog Festival 2017.

The AlDub love team showed everyone what professionalism is all about when they joined the festival and didn’t appear like  they were downed by slight fever a couple of days before the event.

(Image Credit: @gmanetwork)

Except for some trace of colds in his voice, it seemed like Alden was fully recovered after a trip to the hospital and a day of total rest. Maine who also didn’t feel well a few days before Sinulog, was back in hyper mode during the festival.

Maine and Alden danced crazily, made wacky faces, interacted with their fans, and had sweet moments in-between.

(Image Credit: @ALDENaticsCBU)

— GMA Network (@gmanetwork) January 15, 2017

Crazy dance(Video Credit: @gmanetwork)

MaiChard ladies and gents! 😂😂😂😍 #TeamDTBYsaSINULOG

— Karissa♥ (@MyNameIsKarisza) January 15, 2017

(Video Credit: @MyNameIsKarisza)

.@aldenrichards02 and @mainedcm get up close and personal with our Kapusong Cebuanos! #PitSenyorKapuso #KapusoSinulogFestival

— GMA Network (@gmanetwork) January 15, 2017

Alden and Maine interacting with fans (Video Credit: @gmanetwork)

Gov, a nickname used by some fans for Alden, showed his usual protective stance in crowded places by hugging Maine from the back. He also leans on Maine and touches her arms every now and then.

Alden’s protective hug(Image Credit: @_chloematriano)

— ALDENaticsCebuOFC (@ALDENaticsCBU) January 15, 2017

Hanapin ang kamay ni gov!- @ALDENaticsCBU (Video Credit: @ALDENaticsCBU)

(Image Credit: @glynax)

Maine, on the other hand, hugged Alden tightly like a little kid during the introduction of the Sinulog Festival at Sunday Pinasaya. That’s something she does every now and then, on and off cam.

(Image Credit: @neekomeyn)

In one pic, Maine’s hand was on Alden’s shoulder, a casual gesture which spoke volumes to their legions of fans.

(Image Credit: @gmanetwork)

One thing that didn’t escape the eagle-eyed fans was what they now call the Gatorade serye, following a tweet by glynn22 (@glynax). It shows Alden and Maine drinking from the same bottle of Gatorade while they were on the float. Maine was also seen checking out the nutrition facts on the bottle, which delighted a lot of fans.

(Image Credit: @glynax)

(Image Credit: @jjicheol)

Maine’s turn to drink from same bottle (Image Credit: @glynax)

Aside from those crazy dance steps, there were in sync gestures and twinning, as AlDub fans call it. They are saying that Alden and Maine are acting more and more in sync instinctively, and are looking more and more alike. Isn’t that what happens to people who are always together?

(Image Credit: @kapusoPRgirl)

In sync yung galaw nila.di na kailangan mag-usap!body language!ALMAINE-Sync!#MAICHARDinSinulog #TeamDTBYsaSINULOG

— ALDENaticsCebuOFC (@ALDENaticsCBU) January 15, 2017

(Video Credit: @ALDENaticsCBU)

Anyway, the phenomenal love team obviously had a blast during the parade. Maine expressed how much she wanted to eat lechon after the parade, which we are sure she did. Both of them thanked their fans for the very warm welcome they received and for the reception of the casts of other GMA shows like My Love From the Star, Meant to Be, Pinulot ka Lang sa Lupa and Ika-6 na Utos.

AlDub with Jennylyn Mercado & Gil Cuerva of Meant to Be and the cast of My Love from the Star  (Image Credit: @jakroberto IG)

AlDub’s appearance at Sinulog Festival 2017 was a memorable one, since it’s also a prelude to their upcoming Destined to be Yours teleserye which their fans are waiting for excitedly.

Feast your eyes on more of Alden and Maine’s pics below, nostly coming from their fans:

Arrival at Cebu via private plane (Image Credit: @SundayPinasaya)

(Image Credit: @sheng08)

(Image Credit:@MyNameIsKarisza)

Michelle Borja gets lucky with an AlDub selfie on her phone (Image Credit: @michellemjb)

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