AlDub’s latest tweets fascinate, puzzle fans

AlDub's latest tweets puzzles and fascinates fans

by Jessie Mendoza

On January 2, Alden Richards celebrated his 25th birthday amid a lot of fanfare on Eat Bulaga and on several parties with his fan clubs.

Of course, Alden’s celebration wouldn’t be complete without the expected production number with Maine Mendoza and the usual sweetness between them -kisses and heartfelt messages and all.

(Image Credit: Eat Bulaga)

But what fascinated AlDub fans during Alden’s birthday were the tweets between Alden and Maine on the said day.

The first one to tweet was Maine:

Take a break, breathe and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Happy birthday, Tans. @aldenrichards02 #AldenAt25″

The tweet included a picture of a man staring at a lake. It was obviously Alden Richards staring out at what appears to be Lake Como in Northern Italy, where the AlDub movie “Imagine You and Me” was filmed.

Take a break, breathe and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Happy birthday, Tans. @aldenrichards02 #AldenAt25

— Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) January 2, 2017

Alden replied more than four hours later with this tweet:

Never forget Ms. Maine. ?? Grazie Miller! @mainedcm”.


Never forget Ms. Maine. ?? Grazie Miller! @mainedcm

— Alden Richards (@aldenrichards02) January 2, 2017

The messages were simple, but were very meaningful for a lot of AlDub fans, for a lot of reasons.

First of all, Maine’s message showed how concerned she is with the very busy schedule of Alden. Maine, along with Alden’s fans and friends are worried about Alden’s health because he never seems to have a rest day.

Alden had always said that he has to strike while the iron is hot. His punishing schedule consist of mall shows, concerts, endorsement shoots in his “free time” from Eat Bulaga and his weekend show, Sunday Pinasaya.

Alden never seems to get tired, but people who care for him are starting to get worried. That of course, includes no less than his love team partner, Maine.

Next point of interest is the picture used by Maine in her tweet.

It’s the first time that AlDub fans have seen this photo of Alden. They are guessing it’s one of the pictures that Maine took, during their “private” moments in Como.

Fans are speculating that the photo might have been taken during one of those times when the two were “missing”. Direk Mike Tuviera revealed in the special “Imagine You and Me: The Journey”, that Alden and Maine regularly jogged early in the morning around Lake Como.

What generated the most reactions, though, is Maine’s use of  the name “Tans”, to address Alden in the tweet. Fans have been asking what is Tans? Why did Maine use the said term for Alden?

The AlDub Nation had requested their ALDUB SOCO team who dutifully came up with two possible meanings for Tans:

Tan=childish pronunciation of Chan

Chan is a diminutive suffix; it expresses that the speaker finds a person endearing. Thus, using chan with a superior’s name would be condescending and rude. In general, chan is used for babies, young children, and teenage girls. It may also be used towards cute animals, lovers, close friends, or any youthful woman.

Tan= Junpei
About the name Junpei. The meaning of the name Junpei is Pure, Genuine.


But other creative AlDub fans came up with their own creative interpretations for Tans like the following:

Ti Amo Nessun Segreto… English translation: I love you without secrecy by @lagramagarcia
Tapat akong nagmamahal sayo by @mamunjhay
Tunay at Nag iisang Sinta by @VeryAnn3

A lot of others gave their own interpretations of the word Tans but these stood out.

Fans were also wondering why Alden used the word “Miller”. Did Grazie Miller mean Thanks, Miller? Or was it a typographical error for Grazie Mille, which is Thank you very much or A thousand thanks in Italian?

Could it also be that Tans and Miller are the names of AlDub’s characters for their upcoming teleserye? It seems unlikely for now because Alden is supposedly Benjie and Maine is Luningning in Destined To be Yours.

Like before, AlDub keeps their fans guessing. They have their own language, they have very strong non-verbal communication whenever they’re around each other, and they are almost always in sync even in their social media messages.

Maine may never reveal what Tans means, nor will Alden. But even if they don’t, their fandom will just have to be content with the fact that AlDub have their own secret language or codes. In a good way, their secrecy denotes just how close they have become. Now isn’t that what their fans have been hoping and praying for?

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