Angel Locsin proves her fitness by climbing 6 mountains in just 3 weeks

Angel Locsin proves her fitness by climbing six mountains in just three weeks

by Jessie Mendoza

Angel Locsin seems bent on proving to one and all that she is as fit as a fiddle.

Despite two operations on her disc bulge, the actress does not seem to have been slowed down by her back injury and has conquered six mountain trail hikes in just three weeks.

Angel at Mt. Pamitinan (Image Credit: @therealangellocsin IG)

The versatile actress started her series of scaling mountains in the third week of December of 2016, starting with Mt. Cayabu which is  680 meters above sea level (MASL) and Mt. Maynoba (728 MASL) in Tanay, Rizal. Her Instagram post for that climb indicated that she waited for one and a half years before taking up mountaineering again.

therealangellocsin waited a year and a half! ahh…heaven ?? Big thanks to our group for making this climb happen ❤ lahat game! looking forward to conquering more mountains with you guys! #rainydayhike #muddysundayhike #MtCayabu #MtMaynuba #8waterfalls #traverse #hiking #nature #mountains #adventure #philippines #putik #aboutyesterday
(Image Credit: @therealangellocsin IG)

Ten days after conquering the two adjacent  mountains in Tanay, Angel posted on IG her second climb, the Mt. Maculot-Rockies in Cuenca, Batangas (706 MASL).


therealangellocsin In my element ?
#MtMaculot #rockies #summit #hiking #nature #adventure #philippines #sunset #latepost
(Image Credit: @therealangellocsin IG)

On December 30,2016, Angel ascended Mt. Ulap in Itogon, Benguet (1,846 MASL).

therealangellocsin 3rd mountain in 2 weeks ?? 
@gideonlasco @paoloparaiso @bubblesparaiso @kim_salamat #ryan 
#MtUlap #hiking #gungalrock #nature #adventure #philippines
(Image Credit: @therealangellocsin IG)

The onset of a new year didn’t stop Angel on her quest and she went back  to vanquish another peak. This time, she went to Mt. Pamitinan (1,397 ft or 426 meters) in Rodriguez, Rizal. According to her post, Mt. Pamitinan is her favorite hiking trail near Manila.

therealangellocsin scrambling up Mt. Pamitinan ????so far, my fave trail to hike near manila! 🙂 #earliertoday #4thmountainin3weeks #hiking #nature #philippines #MtPamitinan #traverse #dayhike

Next on Angel’s mountain list was Mt. Batolusong, in Tanay, Rizal, a mountain which is 670 meters above sea level.

therealangellocsin “The mountains were there and so was I.” — Maurice Herzog
#MtBatolusong #aboutyesterday#5thMountainIn3weeks #hiking#scrambling #adventure #dayhike#philippines

Angel’s latest adventure is her twin hike to the neighboring peaks of Mt. Apayang (652 MASL) and Mt. Talamitam (630 MASL)  in Nasugbu, Batangas. As with her other expeditions, she posted lots of breathtaking photos on Instagram.

therealangellocsin on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can’t see from the center. 
I know, I know… 6th mountain in 3 weeks ? aykenat function without my dose of vitamin mountain eh ? #kiloskilosrinpagmaytime #earliertoday (Mt. Apayang & Mt. Talamitam twin hike) 
#hiking #adventure #summit #philippines    
(Image Credit: @therealangellocsin IG)

According Angel’s best friend, Bubbles Paraiso, it was Angel’s idea to climb all the mountains in two weeks. Bubbles was with Angel in most of the climbs but it seems Angel went on overdrive and continued hiking beyond her initial goal.

There seems to be no sign that Angel will stop her adventures anytime soon.

Her mountaineering has drawn a lot of mileage on social media. Netizens had praised her perseverance, courage, and determination. A lot of Angel’s fans even want to join her on her hikes and are suggesting other mountain trails for her to try. Others want her to be cautious and to be extra careful.

Angel is slated to take on the latest iteration of Darna in a film supposed to be directed by renowned director Erik Matti. The project has been delayed because of her back injury but is said to be expected for release this 2017.

Through all her latest physical activities, Angel is probably telling the world (Star Cinema, in particular) that she is ready to tackle the rigorous physical requirements for the film Darna.

With this pace of climbing , a total of 8 peaks via 6 mountain trails in just 3 weeks, Angel is already larger than life. Recovering from her spinal injury is no mean feat. To most of her fans, she does not need to fly as Darna to show what stuff she’s made of. For them, Angel is already a heroine for showing her resilience and grit in the face of a debilitating condition.

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