CL reveals she originally wrote 2NE1’s ‘Goodbye’ for Minzy

CL reveals she originally wrote 2NE1's 'Goodbye' for Minzy

by Jessie Mendoza

The world-famous Korean pop all-girl band 2NE1 released their last single titled “Goodbye” on January 21, barely two months after they officially disbanded.

The song zoomed to the top of the iTunes chart in 8 countries soon after release. Its official video has recently crossed the 6 million mark on YouTube, 3 days after its upload.

(Image Credit: screencap from Goodbye by 2NE1)

“Goodbye” was meant as a formal farewell to 2NE1 fans, who were mostly saddened and surprised by the band’s dissolution.

Written by band member CL (Lee Chaerin) and composed by J Gramm and Rock Monroe, Goodbye is a song that implores and tries to prevent someone from going away, assuring that ” when winter passes, spring follows”.

But parting inevitably happened, and the one-liner “Goodbye until the day we meet again” conveys a mixture of sadness and hope.

If the message of the song seems like it’s asking someone to stay amid present problems, that’s because CL composed the song with Minzy in mind.

chaelincl 가지마  [Don’t go] (Image Credit:  CL’s IG account @chaelincl)

The song, according to CL, was written as a letter to Minzy. She tweaked the song later so it could be a message to 2NE1 fans as well.

CL said that the moment she heard the melody, words popped in her head. She  cried while making the song, “the lyrics were written in tears”, website YG United quoted her as saying.

2NE1’s youngest member, Minzy, left the group in April of last year. A lot of fans were surprised with her sudden departure. In an Instagram post, she said the her decision to leave the group was done “after careful consideration and deliberation”. She also disclosed her plan to be a solo artist, taking the name “Minzy Kong”.

2NE1 fans were hoping that the group would still make a comeback without Minzy after its hiatus since 2015. But on November 25, 2016, YG Entertainment announced 2NE1’s formal disbandment, much to the disappointment of the group’s countless fans.

Despite the formal farewell song “Goodbye”, 2NE1 fans can take consolation in the fact that Dara (Sandara Park) and CL have signed solo contracts with YG. Minzy is posting progress of her career on Instagram and according to Korea Portal, is now with a new agency named Music Works Entertainment.

Park Bom, whose contract with YG expired upon the disbandment of the group, assured 2NE1’s Blackjacks that she will continue her singing career.

Maybe it’s really a goodbye to 2NE1 the band. But with the talent of its ex-members, the world is still ready to welcome Dara, CL, Minzy Kong, and Park Bom as solo artists.

Click HERE to watch 2NE1’s “Goodbye”.

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