Direk Mark Reyes assures Kylie Padilla fans role in Encantadia despite leaked photo

Director Mark Reyes assures fans it's not the end of Kylie in Encantadia despite leaked...

by Jessie Mendoza

A leaked photo of Encantadia, showing a Sang’gre lying on a deathbed has caused furor among creators and the team behind the fantasy series Encantadia.

The picture shows raw footage of lifeless Sang’gre Amihan, played by Kylie Padilla, surrounded by her sisters Pirena (Glaiza de Castro), Alena (Gabbi Garcia), and Danaya (Sanya Lopez).

(Image Credit: @gmaencantadia)

The picture was published on pep.ph, but was leaked online by a “disrespectful guest”, as Encantadia Director Mark Reyes described him.

(Image Credit: @encantadia2016)

The leakage prompted a statement from the Encantadia director, who then assured fans that it is not the end of Kylie as Amihan in the show. Here’s Director Mark Reyes’ complete statement posted on his Facebook page:

Sadly, a disrespectful “guest” on our set leaked this photo. I would just like to point out that this picture does not end the story of Kylie’s Amihan.
There are still a lot of stories to tell between Amihan, Ybrahim, Lira and her sisters. Don’t be disheartened. THIS IS NOT THE END of Kylie in the show.
Keep believing in the power of Encantadia. We still have a lot of magic to do.

Although the leaked photo is a major spoiler for Encantadia fans, the message of Director Mark was welcomed by lots of fans who simply refuse to let go of Kylie as Amihan.

Kylie’s engagement with Aljur
Last night (January 24),the management company that handles the career of Kylie Padilla had announced via social media that the actress and Aljur Abrenica are now engaged.

The simple announcement was posted on Instagram: “Vidanes Celebrity Marketing would like to announce to the great public the engagement of Ms. Kylie Padilla and Ms. Aljur Abrenica.”

kylienicolepadilla I know these past days have been rough but I can’t wait for the day people get to know you like I know you. ?? can’t wait to share how it happened I’m just happy I am sharing it with you.  
(Image Credit:@kylienicolepadilla IG)

The good news came amid the circulating rumor that Kylie is three months pregnant. Such rumor have fueled speculations that the character “Reyna Amihan”, which Kylie plays in the epic teleserye Encantadia, will most likely be killed or placed on hiatus.

Encantadia fans have been trending hashtags on Twitter to air their views regarding Kylie and her role as Amihan.

When Encantadia had a gripping episode on Monday (January 24). wherein the united forces of the 4 Sang’gres were not enough to defeat their nemesis Hagorn, Amihan signaled her intention to sacrifice herself to save her kingdom, Lireo.

Almost immediately, Encantadia fans reacted by trending several hashtags about Kylie or Amihan including #Kylie, #Kylie Padilla, #KeepAmihan, #HuwagSiAmihan, #Ybramihan, and #Ybramihan Better Together.

On January 24, more Amihan hashtags landed on the top trending hashtags of Twitter including #ParaKayAmihan and YbraMihan MahalKita.

(Image Credit: @direkmark)

Aware of the rumor about Kylie’s supposed pregnancy, fans are unwilling to let her go as Amihan, even if her condition may turn out to be true. They are saying that Kylie fits the role of Amihan to a T, especially since she is considered to be the best among the Sang’gres when it comes to action scenes.

Though Kylie and Aljur have not confirmed the pregnancy rumor yet, both of them have their share of bashers online, with some fans criticizing both for not prioritizing their career. Still, some are happy and are congratulating Kylie, for being blessed with a child.

Kylie had been dropping hints to her fans as to her fate in the show. Her tweet yesterday, presages what will happen to the characters of the fantasy teleserye:

Later’s episode is just the starter for this emotionally gripping and may I say heartbreaking week to come. ABANGAN 💙 #EncantadiaDesisyon”

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