My Ex and Whys (2017) teaser gains 3.5 million views in 24 hours

LizQuen's naughty teaser of 'My Ex and Whys' crosses 3.5M views in 24 hours

by Jessie Mendoza

The teaser for LizQuen’s latest movie, My Ex and Whys, crossed 3.5 million views in 24 hours on Facebook.

Uploaded on January 13, the teaser gained 2.5 million views after just 12 hours and crossed the 3 million mark in 16 hours. As of this writing, the teaser had gained over 4 million views, more than 22,000 comments, and around 70,000 shares.

(Image Credit: screencap from Star Cinema FB page)

The one-minute teaser shows a frail and nervous Liza Soberano, who plays the role of Calixta “Cali” Ferrer, thrown into a dark box-type room with a topless Enrique Gil (Gio Martinez). Someone outside the box says, “O kulong muna kayo diyan. Stay there”

Looking dangerously handsome, Gio then asks Cali, “First time?”

The teaser then describes Cali as  “The First-timer” and Gio as “The Hustler”.

The trailer continues with unseen people outside of the room teasing Gio, wondering why it seems he’s not making any move towards Cali.

Gio continues the conversation telling Cali that not all guys are bad boys.

Cali asks, “So, Mister Stick to One does exist?”


(Image Credit:  screencap from Star Cinema FB page)

“You just found him,” answered Gio.

(Image Credit:  screencap from Star Cinema FB page)

After showing a few seconds of a beautiful and mesmerizing rain-soaked Cali, and of Gio playing drums while he’s also soaking wet, the teaser comes back to the box-typed enclosure with the couple.

This time, Gio makes it sound like he’s making out with Cali, saying “Yes, Cali”. At the same time, he whispers to her, “Save my reputation.”

Cali responds by pinching him several times, while Gio shouts “Okay na, ayoko na!”

Gio then tries to create some smooching sounds by kissing his hand. Cali imitates him. When someone knocked on the box, Gio immediately gave Cali a hug, pretending that something did happen between him and Cali.

The teaser ended with the song, “You”, originally sung by Basil Valdez and interpreted by Jona for the film’s OST.

WATCH the viral teaser below:

(Video Credit: @starcinemaofficial FB page)

My Ex and Whys tackles the life of Cali, a blogger of an upcoming site called “The Bakit List”, and the unexpected return of her ex-boyfriend Gio.

The romantic comedy film is LizQuen’s third solo starrer. The love team had two successful films in 2015: Just The Way You Are and Everyday I Love You, which both grossed over P100M at the box office.

Directed by no less than renowned hitmaker, Cathy Garcia-Molina, My Ex and Whys is expected to be another LizQuen blockbuster. It will be shown in theaters on February 15 and also stars Joey Marquez, Ara Mina, Arlene Muhlach, Ryan Bang, Cai Cortez, Dominic Roque, Neil Coleta, and Hyubs Azarcon, among others.

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