AlDub’s best photos at Panagbenga Festival 2017

Best Photos of AlDub at Panagbenga Festival 2017

by Jessie Mendoza

The phenomenal AlDub love team had a grand time at the Panagbenga Flower Festival in Baguio City on Sunday, February 26.

They were welcomed enthusiastically by their fans, who were screaming out their names loudly during the Float Parade and also during the Kapuso Fiesta show at Sunshine Park.

(Image Credit: @_JamesLesther Twitter)

A lot of fans commented that the two looked great in person. Alden Richards was described as handsome like always, while Maine Mendoza was described as cute, beautiful, and lovable.

(Image Credit: @gmaregionaltv IG)

But a lot of people have also been commenting that Alden and Maine are looking more and more alike.

(Image Credit: @gmaregionaltv IG)

Most fans have also observed that despite the big crowd surrounding them, Alden and Maine were lost in their own world, or “may sariling mundo”. They were often caught talking to each other animatedly and laughing at their private jokes.

raetristan Sa gitna ng dagat ng mga tao, mananatili tayo sa ating sariling mundo. (Image Credit: @raetristan IG)

It seems Alden and Maine have gotten so comfy with each other, that they never really run out of stories to tell each other, just like the best of friends or lovers.

AlDub fans got a bonus when Alden and Maine were interviewed by Barbie Forteza (as Kissy) for the Star Buzz portion of Sunday Pinasaya.

Barbie Forteza as Kissy with AlDub (Image Credit: @artistcenter IG)

The phenom love team also performed their duet version of “Tadhana”, the theme song of their upcoming teleserye, Destined To Be Yours (DTBY)

(Image Credit: @gmaregionaltv IG)

Though they did not really confirm if they are in a relationship or not, they granted the crowd’s wish for a kiss. Alden gave a smiling Maine a quick kiss on the cheek, which drew shrieks and giggles from their fans.

(Image Credit: GMA Network, Sunday Pinasaya)

Here’s that kiss again, from another angle:

(Image Credit: screen grab from video of @saamtagle Twitter)

AlDub also invited their fans to support their first-ever primetime teleserye, “Destined To Be Yours”, which will air its pilot episode tonight right after Encantadia.

Here are some more photos of AlDub during their participation at the Panagbenga Festival:

Lucky kid! (Image Credit: @gmaregionaltv IG)

(Image Credit: @artistcenter IG)

(Image Credit: @_JamesLesther Twitter)

(Image Credit: @gmaregionaltv IG)

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