BTS of Alden ‘burger’, Maine’s sweet reaction, plus a white butterfly for luck

BTS of Alden 'burger', Maine's sweet reaction, plus a white butterfly for luck

by Jessie Mendoza

The AlDub phenomenal love team created a stir at the Panagbenga Flower Festival 2017 in Baguio City,  with their participation at the Float Parade and during their appearance at Sunshine Park for the Kapuso Fiesta event.

There were many memorable AlDub moments at the festival, Alden Richards even landed a kiss on the cheek of Maine Mendoza during Barbie Forteza’s interview with them for the Star Buzz portion of Sunday Pinasaya.

(Image Credit: @artistcenter IG)

But what happened behind the scenes of that short Star Buzz interview was even more revealing of how close Alden and Maine have become.

A BTS video clip by Labpot (@im_inLove007) which was posted on Twitter, gained traction because Maine’s sweet reaction caught everyone by surprise. The video has been retweeted more than 3,100 times and has received more than 3,300 likes.

Resibo!? inenjoy nila bes!?#AldenMaineSaPanagbenga #DestinedToBeYoursBukasNa

— Labpot? (@im_inLove007) February 26, 2017

In the said video, someone from the audience yelled, “Alden, asan na yung burger?”

Alden answered by opening his arms wide and showing his tummy, as if saying “Wala, eto o”, and said something unintelligible.

(Image Credit: screen grab from @im_inLove007 video)

Then in a split second, Maine reacted by placing her left hand gently on Alden’s tummy.

(Image Credit: screen grab from @im_inLove007 video)

The gesture was sweet and familiar at the same time.  Maine is known to squeeze Alden’s tummy, which others call “burger”,  every now and then.

But to do that in front of a whole crowd?

Maine’s gesture almost brought the whole house down, so to speak. The fans screamed and shrieked and laughed and giggled, all at the same time.

You can hear someone say “Oh My God!”, in the background.

Barbie herself was caught off-guard. Her eyes widened and  she stood up while looking at Maine’s hand, flat on Alden’s belly.

(Image Credit: screen grab from @im_inLove007 video)

Maine took off her hand from Alden’s abdomen for a second, then touched it again. Then she laughed while Alden just watched her hand on his famous “burger”, or “burjer” as some say.

For a few milliseconds more, Maine’s hand lingered on Alden’s tummy, with a corresponding pat or a light scratching motion before she took her hand away.

The whole burger touching scene lasted for about 6 to 7 seconds.

The crowd got a bit quiet after that, but they were murmuring a lot. Were they shocked by the sweetness of the pair?

(Image Credit: screen grab from @im_inLove007 video)

Barbie said something about a “backstage” thing, in reaction to the burger interaction. The crowd laughed at her comment, and Maine pointed her finger at Barbie while laughing at the same time.

The White Butterfly

While everyone seemed to be recovering from AlDub’s sweetness, someone shouted, “butterfly yan”. Sure enough, a white butterfly hovered above Alden and Maine.

The butterfly ,encircled in yellow, hovering above AlDub during the Sunday Pinasaya interview  (Image Credit: screen grab from @im_inLove007 video)

The butterfly first went near Alden’s head, then above Maine’s head, and finally flew away passing above Alden’s head again. The butterfly was near AlDub for more than a second.

The crowd whooped when it flew away and somebody said, “Swerte yan!”

Netizens reacted by saying that it must be the spirit of Alden’s Mommy Rio (Rosario Faulkerson), giving her blessing to the pair. Others said it signifies destiny, that Alden and Maine are really destined for each other.

Other fans quickly Googled the meaning of a white butterfly or simply the presence of a butterfly. So we did too, and what we found were interesting, to say the least.

In a lot of cultures, butterflies, especially white ones, represent the souls of departed loved ones.

For some, butterflies represent the presence of angels or messages from them. Butterflies also symbolize change or transformation.

Others believe that butterflies bring prosperity, tranquility, and success/fulfillment to a venture or partnership, including that of a couple. That’s why, there are some weddings wherein the couples and guests release butterflies during or after the ceremony.

So, what do you think the white butterfly means for AlDub?

While you’re pondering on its symbolism, remember that AlDub’s “Destined To Be Yours” will premiere in a few hours, right after Encantadia.

Get ready with your oxygen tanks, AlDub fans!

Click HERE to watch Labpot’s viral BTS video of AlDub during the Sunday Pinasaya interview with Barbie Forteza (as Krissy).

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