Edward Barber is the next big superstar according to Direk Rory Quintos

Direk Rory Quintos thinks Edward Barber is the next big superstar

by Jessie Mendoza

When Director Rory Quintos auditioned the PBB housemates individually, she asked the housemates to show different emotions like guilt, anger, fear, and sadness.

The housemates were all willing to give it their all, to show Direk Rory that they can really act.

Edward showing Guilt and Sadness (Image Credit: screen grab from PBB YouTube video)

But among all the housemates, Direk Rory was most impressed with Edward Barber. The Filipino-British-German housemate showed his range of emotions through his very expressive eyes, tone of voice, and facial expressions.

Edward was assigned to deliver the lines of Daniel Padilla in a dramatic scene with Kathryn Bernardo in the primetime hit series, Pangako Sa’yo

Like any new actor, Edward fumbled a bit on his first “take”. But through proper guidance by Direk Rory and by finding his motivations for the emotions he has to act out, Edward was able to deliver his dialogues properly.

Although his Tagalog was still heavily accented, the emotions he conveyed through his raw acting was enough to compensate for his verbal weakness.

(Image Credit:Pinoy Big Brother, ABS-CBN Entertainment)

Edward recounted his feelings about the audition in Big Brother’s confession room. He said, “I don’t really know how to feel. Basta I felt nervous. I was gonna walk as an amateur and being an amateur with no experience in really learning lines. Pero, I wanted to do well. I want to just seize the moment.”

Little did Edward know that when he left the room after his audition, Direk Rory heaped praises on him. The veteran director exclaimed to the cameraman, right after Edward closed the door, “Huh? He’s the next big superstar, man! Marunong umarte. He has to ano lang, grasp the language, para mas maintindihan niya ang sinasabi niya. Oh my God, I’m a fan of Edward!”

She critiqued Edward’s audition in the confession room by saying, “Yung mga mata niya, yung emotions sa mukha nya, tama e. He has it. I really, really like him.”

Direk Rory also praised the acting of Maymay Entrata, Nikko Natividad, Elisse Joson, and Kisses Delavin.

She said Maymay had talent but needs focus. In the next installment of PBB, Direk Rory also commented that Maymay can also become the next superstar.

With all her seriousness, Direk Rory was amused by Maymay and laughed (though she didn’t show it) at the young girl’s antics.


Maymay in Anger mode (Image Credit:Pinoy Big Brother, ABS-CBN Entertainment)

On the other hand, Direk Rory was also impressed with Nikko, whom she envisions as a character actor. She thinks he can play roles played by Jay Manalo or Jo M. She went as far as telling Kuya, “I wonder kung may role para kay Nikko para sa next series ko.”

She told Nikko to continue with acting workshops because he has a big potential in becoming an actor. She told him to persevere because “it will not happen overnight”.

Nikko in Anger mode (Image Credit:Pinoy Big Brother, ABS-CBN Entertainment)

As to Elisse, she commented that the actress-endorser has a wide range. Direk Rory said Elisse was able to show anger,fear, and sadness but has to work on her eyes to make them more expressive.

Elisse showing sadness (Image Credit:Pinoy Big Brother, ABS-CBN Entertainment)

The audition of Kisses was aired last but showed that Direk Rory was also amazed by her audition. She said that the Kisses has very powerful eyes but needs to loosen up her body. She was also very much impressed by Kisses’ attitude when it comes to her persistence in learning anything she sets her mind to.

Kisses in Anger mode  (Image Credit:Pinoy Big Brother, ABS-CBN Entertainment)

Direk Rory’s auditions for the PBB housemates were in preparation for a live drama which will be aired in three days starting Thursday on PBB. Under the direction of Direk Rory, all of the PBB housemates will showcase their acting skills and will be pitted against other stars of the Kapamilya network.

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