Erich Gonzalez breakup with Daniel Matsunaga: It’s over I just want to move on

Erich confirms breakup with Daniel: 'It's over...I just want to move on'

by Jessie Mendoza

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Erich Gonzales confirmed her breakup with Daniel Matsunaga, her boyfriend of two years.

“It’s true po that we’re not together anymore. It’s over,” she said.

Erich  sporting a new hairstyle, post breakup(Image Credit: @erichgg IG)

The actress does not want to talk about the exact reason for their split and said, “I just want to move on.”

Erich also made some clarifications: “It’s not true that we are talking. Hindi po kami magkaibigan. Walang third party po.”

More than a week ago, Daniel posted a message on his Instagram, which hinted that he and Erich were still trying to patch things up. He said, “Guys i would like to ask a favor pls…we are talking and going through some personal things…all we need is your support and love…not people talking trash…we love you all with no limit and we just need some respect and time. thank you. God bless you guys…”

He also posted on his account that there’s no third party involved.

Daniel’s IG post last Christmas for DanRich fans 
(Image Credit : @dandanmatsunaga IG)

When reporters asked Erich who between them first decided to break up, the actress answered by saying she prefers not to give any other detail. She reiterated her wish to start the process of moving on. “I want to help myself. So that’s what I’m doing po,” she told the media people milling around her.

Curious about what she’s doing now to handle the breakup? Here’s Erich’s answer to that: “I think I just have to accept na may mga bagay po talaga na you cannot control, yung mga nangyayari po sa buhay natin, hindi natin kontrolado. So life goes on.”

Asked about the rumor that money was an issue in the breakup, the actress reacted by saying, “Tungkol sa pera, ayaw ko na pong mag detalye tungkol dyan. Like what I said, I just really wanna move on. Yun, hopefully, it’s gonna get better naman.”

In an interview with, Daniel concurred and said, “It was never about money like what a lot of people are thinking right now.”

(Image Credit: @dandanmatsunaga IG)

Erich said she draws her strength from her family, friends, and supporters. “Thankful po dahil yung loyalty nila laging nandiyan… At syempre po yung Diyos, Siya lang naman po talaga ang nakakaalam ng lahat.”

The actress also limited her social media interaction after the breakup. She said she’s not reading any comment at this point. “Syempre, people believe what they want to believe. Like I said, kami lang naman talaga nakakaalam ng tutoo.”

As to her deletion of Daniel’s photos on Instagram: “Yes, i deleted the photos, I unfollowed them and like what I said, I just wanna help myself move on.”

Like anyone who has undergone a failed relationship, Erich has gained a lesson from her breakup with Daniel. She said, “Kapag nagmahal ka, kailangang magtira ka para sa sarili mo.”

Is there a chance for them to reconcile or at least be friends?

It seems there’s no hope in that direction yet. Erich was firm and certain when she said, “Sa nararamdaman ko po ngayon, hindi po.”

DanRich fans were all shocked by the sudden breakup of the couple, considering the pair still looked very happy when they went on a mountain climbing adventure in mid-January.

DanRich at Mt. Ulap (Image Credit: @dandanmatsunaga IG)

A lot of the fans are urging Daniel to pursue Erich and are hoping that the two will reconcile.

But for now, Daniel seems to have accepted his fate and posted this spiritual message on his IG:

The deepest level of worship is praising God in spite of the pain, thanking God during the trials, trusting Him when we’re tempted to lose Hope and LOVING HIM when He seems so distant and far away. At my lowest, God is my hope. At my darkest, God is my light. At my weakest, God is my strength. At my saddest, God is my comforter.

The Brazilian-Japanese actor also recently issued a statement to ABS-CBN regarding the breakup. All he said was this: “I would rather not comment on the issue out of respect for Erich and everyone concerned.”

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