Eula Valdes welcome by fans as Encantadia’s new villain

Fans welcome Eula Valdes as Encantadia's new villain

by Jessie Mendoza

The plot of GMA Network’s primetime fantasy-series, Encantadia, had just gotten more interesting as another crisis looms in the horizon.

With Hagorn (John Arcilla) gone, a new villain has taken his place to fight the Sang’gres of Lireo.

(Image Credit: GMA Network)

For the past few episodes, Encantadia’s storyline had been building up a more powerful and dark character named Reyna Avria.

As a dark disembodied force, Reyna Avria was housed temporarily in the body of Cassiopea (Solenn Heussaff). Expelled from  Cassiopea later on, Avria regained her strength and resurrected.

On February 23, Encantadia fans were pleasantly surprised and excited that the new, “reborn” Reyna Avria is none other than veteran character actress, Eula Valdes.

Although the teaser came out a day earlier on YouTube and social media, Encantadiks were still overwhelmed by the commanding presence of Eula as Reyna Avria.

GMA Network teaser  Image Credit: @gmaencantadia IG)

Eula is known for her excellent portrayals as an antagonist in several teleseryes, most notable of which is her role as Selina Matias in ABS-CBN’s remake of Mula Sa Puso. The role of Selina was originally portrayed by Princess Punzalan in its 1997 version. But Eula gave the role her own brand of meanness and cruelty, making her mark as one of the best character actresses in the showbiz industry.

With Eula aboard Encantadia, the fantasy series has become even more colorful. How will the Sang’gres defend themselves against Reyna Avria? More than that, who among the Sang’gres can level up to Eula’s usually electrifying performance? Who among them can outstare her?

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