LizQuen back on PBB, MayWard commended for their acting

LizQuen back on PBB, MayWard commended for their acting skills

by Jessie Mendoza

After their separate visits to Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Season 7 last year, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil paid a surprise visit to the PBB house again. This time around, they went together as a team.

Liza and Quen were tasked to judge the pairs inside the house as they act out dramatic, kilig love scenes or short skits akin to that of LizQuen’s scenes in their upcoming movie, “My Ex and Whys”

(Image Credit: Pinoy Big Brother, ABS-CBN)

Just like their previous visit, LizQuen’s presence was enough to cause an uproar inside the PBB house.

The first pair who were allowed to see LizQuen was KissYong, or the tandem of Kisses and Yong.

It was funny to see Kisses getting worried about not being able to brush her teeth, when Big Brother revealed that they were about to meet LizQuen. But her reservations vanished when she saw LizQuen in the flesh. She confessed later on to Kuya that she felt the kilig just seeing Liz and Quen together.

When KissYong broke the news to the rest of the housemates, and said that LizQuen were at the eviction room, their initial reaction was excitement. Everyone fixed themselves up in preparation for the meeting.

But when they did open the room, all they saw were standees of Liza and Quen. Disappointed but still hopeful, Big Brother later assured them that LizQuen were at the Boys’ room.

As soon as she heard where they were, Maymay Entrata bolted out of the room like lightning and was first to enter the Boys’ room. She explored every place that Kuya directed the group to.

But it was McCoy who discovered LizQuen while they were hiding behind the sofa. Then when Maymay finally saw them, she hugged both Quen and Liza like they’re long lost friends.

The rest of the housemates were tamer in their reaction but were overwhelmed just the same.

Tanner said, “They’re really good-looking people. When I first saw them that’s the first thing i thought…sobrang ganda in person”

Cora admitted she has a girl crush on Liza. She told Kuya, “Batang-bata pa sya pero sobrang ganda nya. May girl crush ako kay Liza.”

Aside from their physical looks, LizQuen impressed the housemates with their acting skills when they reenacted a scene from “My Ex and Whys”.

LizQuen showed a sampling of their acting that the housemates can learn from and which they can use in their “kilig” skits, which Liza and Quen were asked to judge.

That scene wherein Liza says, “Am I not enough? Pangit ba ako? Kapalit palit ba ako… then Why?” was interpreted differently by the female housemates earlier on. The same scene will also be reenacted by the pairs as part of the kilig contest.

Before the pairs of housemates proceeded with their kilig skits for the contest, Liza and Quen chose their acting partners for the “My Ex and Whys” confrontation scene,upon the request of Big Brother.

Liza chose Edward for her partner. Though Edward had a crush on Liza, he was convincing when he played the part of Gio, and was immersed in the dramatic scene.


Liza with Edward (Image Credit: Pinoy Big Brother, ABS-CBN)

As Liza delivered her last line, Edward was visibly dumbfounded with her beauty and stared at her like he was struck by lightning. When the scene ended, he looked very pleased and admitted to Kuya in the confession room that he was one of the lucky people in the country who was able to act out a scene with Liza.

Speechless… (Image Credit: Pinoy Big Brother, ABS-CBN)

For his part, Quen chose Maymay. Liza advised her to internalize and think of a time when somebody betrayed her.

After Quen threw his line, Maymay delivered hers like an accomplished actress. Quen reacted by cupping her cheeks in his hands, and saying “Wag ka nang maingay”. Then he jokingly attempted to kiss her.

Maymay almost crying at a scene reenactment with Quen (Image Credit: Pinoy Big Brother, ABS-CBN)


Quen preparing to “kiss” Maymay (Image Credit: Pinoy Big Brother, ABS-CBN)

The housemates erupted in applause and cheers. Maymay broke out of character and hugged Quen when she realized what he was trying to do.

Quen said that he was surprised to see that Maymay was almost crying during the reenactment, proving that she indeed internalized the dramatic scene.

Liza hugged Maymay and said, “Ang galing.” Host Toni Gonzaga said, “Uwian na, may nanalo na. Si Maymay.”

That’s how the episode ended. With Maymay showing her potential in acting, and so did Edward.

Who do you think will be the winning pair for the pakiligan scenes which  LizQuen will judge? Will any pair approximate LizQuen’s dramatic scene from “My Ex and Whys?”

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