LizQuen’s funny and witty answers on TWBA Fast Talk

LizQuen's funny and witty answers on TWBA Fast Talk

by Jessie Mendoza

In a recent interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda (TWBA), Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil showed how truly adorable they are as one of the country’s top love teams.

During the popular Fast Talk portion of the show, host Boy Abunda usually fires a series of questions which guests should answer in a snap. For LizQuen, Boy changed the format by allowing Liza and Quen to ask each other a barrage of questions in 2 minutes.

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The result is a spontaneous display of wit and humor by LizQuen, and also lots of hints on how close they have become.

Here are their best answers on Fast Talk Q and A:

Liza: Paborito mong amoy?
Quen: Ikaw

Quen: Paborito mong tunog?
Liza: Ikaw

Quen: Kung dessert ako, ano ako?
Liza: Ice cream kasi favorite ko yun e

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Quen: Huling beses na nagtampo ka sa akin?
Liza: Kahapon, kasi hindi ka nag reply
Quen, explaining: Natulog ako

Liza: Tuwing kelan ako pinakamaganda?
Quen: Ngayon…Pag kasama mo ako

Quen: Tuwing kelan ako pinaka nakakainis
Liza: Pag di ka nagrereply

Liza: What’s my weakness?
Quen: Ako
Liza makes a funny face, as if saying “Oh!”

Quen: Kung hindi ka artista, ano ka?
Liza: Student. But I’m a student now
Quen interrupted and said: Asawa ko
Liza reacted by shrieking.


Liza’s reaction to Quen’s “Asawa ko” answer  (Image Credit: ABS-CBN Entertainment)

Liza: Who’s your Hollywood crush?
Quen: Ahhh… Ikaw na lang. Sorry
Liza: I’m not a Hollywood…
Quen: Magiging…

Quen: Kung di ako ang love team mo, sino gusto mong maging leading man? Ayusin mo ito ha?
Liza: Maging leading man? Justin Bieber
Quen: Ok

Liza: Ano’ng gusto mong sabihin sa mga taong ayaw sayo para saken?
Quen: Bahala kayo sa buhay ninyo

Quen: Ano’ng nararamdaman mo pag nag I love you ako sayo?
Liza didn’t say a word and instead made a facial expression of disbelief
Quen pointed to her face and said: O ganyan, ganyan nararamdaman nya

Liza: How long are you willing to wait for me?
Quen: Forevermore

Quen: Kelan mo ko sasagutin?
Liza froze a bit, hesitated and smiled as Quen teased her.
Then she said, “Sinasagot … joke lang. ( We’ re not sure but it seems Liza added, “Next year, joke lang”).

Quen raised his hands in the air at the end and said, “Mas maraming points ako!” Liza commented: “Nakaka tense!”

The live audience were laughing and giggling at the answers of Liza and Quen, and we are sure they would have wanted more Q&A if not for the time limit.

LizQuen’s current movie “My Ex and Whys” had earned ₱27 million on its first day (February 15) of showing, the biggest opening day for a LizQuen movie so far. Helmed by famed director, Cathy Garcia-Molina, the movie is packing theaters and is getting mostly positive reviews and feedback from critics and moviegoers alike.

Click HERE to watch LizQuen’s Fast Talk on TWBA.

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