PBB housemates earn praises for ‘Titig ng Pag Ibig’ topbilled by MayWard

PBB housemates earn praises for 'Titig ng Pag Ibig' topbilled by MayWard

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

PBB Lucky Season 7 housemates earned one win from Kuya for their live drama task , leading them just one point short of becoming Lucky 7 on the Big Night. The housemates also won the hearts of netizens for their credible debut performances on the mini teleserye.

The housemates starred in a first-ever live drama titled “Titig ng Pag-Ibig” under the direction of Direk Rory Quintos.

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Topbilled by the emerging love team of Maymay Entrata as Ikay, and Edward Barber as Aren, the short live drama is scheduled to run until Saturday.

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The story revolves around Ikay, who has a crush on Aren, the son of the hotel owners she works for.

Ikay comes from a family who finds it hard to cope with their financial problems. As a dutiful daughter, Ikay helps her mother (Yayo Aguila) with the household expenses. She pays for the education of her sister, Baby, a role played by Kisses Delavin.

Aren, on the other hand, is out to prove himself to his family. He has many ideas about improving the hotel and tries to impress his sister Carla (Cora Waddell), to consider his marketing proposal for the hotel. He also feels that he’s being ignored by his family, especially his parents.

One night, unable to get his wish of having dinner with his ever-busy parents and feeling neglected, Aren got drunk.

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Noticing that Aren is slumped on the table, Beejay (Nikko Natividad) nudges his bestfriend Ikay to help him out. Knowing Ikay’s crush on Aren, Beejay leaves Ikay alone in helping Aren on his feet.

Ikay had to hold Aren tightly and closely in assisting Aren. The situation was comic and romantic at the same time, as Maymay and Edward’s faces came close together. Ikay was smiling sweetly when Aren looked into her eyes and smiled.

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For a brief moment, their eyes locked. But a few seconds later, disaster followed as Aren vomited on Ikay’s blouse. To carry him, Ikay used the luggage cart of the hotel.

(Image Credit: PBB, ABS-CBN)

A side story of the first installment is that of Alec (Mccoy) and Kim(Elisse). Alec is infatuated with Kim, who has just recently broken up with her boyfriend. Alec takes photos of Kim and posts it on her door with corresponding sweet messages.

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At the end of the episode, Carla decides to let Aren undergo training so he could learn the basics of running a hotel.

Netizens were all praises for the live performances of the housemates in the mini teleserye. And everyone’s looking forward to how the story will evolve.

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