Maine Mendoza earns praise for heartbreaking scene in Destined To Be Yours

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Maine Mendoza earns praise for heartbreaking scene in Destined To Be Yours

Maine Mendoza earned a lot of praises online for her credible performance in a heartbreaking scene with Alden Richards, in their primetime teleserye Destined To Be Yours (DTBY).

Playing the role of Sinag Obispo, Maine is the love interest of Benjie Rosales, which is played by none other than her love team partner, Alden Richards.

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The avid followers of the AlDub teleserye has commented that Maine showed remarkable improvement in her acting compared to her past performances. Many have been blown away by her acting on DTBY’s March 21 episode, wherein she learned of Benjie’s betrayal regarding his true identity and intention.


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Most of them said that Maine slayed the confrontation scene with Alden. The pain she felt was written on her face and showed in her eyes. The words that flowed from her quivering lips were laced with hurt, anger, and despair.

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In that scene, viewers saw Sinag, the woman betrayed. The happy Queen of Dubsmash, the Kalyeserye star Maine, faded into the background.

Maine owned her role as Sinag and lived it. The viewers saw her agony and felt it and cried, commiserating with her misery. Some mothers even said their young kids cried while watching the scene. They were crying with Sinag and were mad at Benjie for hurting her.

My 4 year old baby is crying coz her CRUSH,kuya @aldenrichards02 is bad daw, hurting her LOVE, ate @mainedcm. #DTBYSampal #ALDUBxDTBYPagAmin

— Giselle Letada (@LetadaGiselle) March 21, 2017

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Meanwhile, Alden did an equally commendable performance as Benjie. Known for his dramatic prowess, Alden was in his element as the regretful, pleading Benjie. Almost mumbling his dialogue as he passively awaited Sinag’s wrath, Alden’s portrayal of Benjie brought out the best in Maine.


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The confrontation scene between Sinag and Benjie is a pivotal point in the series, since Benjie’s betrayal of Sinag’s trust will lead to the separation of their characters in the upcoming episodes.


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Here’s part of that bittersweet dialogue between Sinag and Benjie in what could be considered as one of DTBY’s high points:

Sinag: Sino ka talaga? Ikaw ba talaga si Benjie Romero?
Benjie: Sasabihin ko naman sayo. Oo, Benjie. Ako si Benjie Rosales, lolo ko si Vicente Rosales, ang may-ari ng Rosales Development.
Sinag: Kapal ng mukha mo, sinasabi…(Sinag forcefully slaps Benjie’s face)Kapal ng mukha mo!
Benjie: Sorry…
Sinag: Sorry? Bakit Sorry? Sorry dahil linoko mo ko? Sorry dahil linoko mo yung pamilya ko o Sorry dahil hindi natuloy yung plano mo?
Benjie: (inaudible), Sinag. Hayaan mo kong magpaliwanag, please.
Sinag: Paliwanag, Benjie? 
Benjie: (mumbles) Hayaan mo kong…
Sinag: Paliwanag? Wala nang eksplanasyon ang lalaking nangloloko. Alom mo kung alin yung masakit, ha? Yung ginamit mo yung pagtingin ko sayo para lokohin mo ako. Itong bulaklak, akin ba ‘to? Para sa akin ba ‘to,ha? Ito, ito, ito, ha? Para sa ‘kin ba yan? Para sa ‘kin ba yan? (hits Benjie with the flowers) Kapal ng mukha mo! (Turns around to leave)
Benjie: Sinag, Sinag please! Sinag!

DTBY fans have been expecting the separation of Sinag and Benjie for quite some time.  Not only because it was hinted by Maine and Alden themselves in their past interviews and most recently in a carpool with Regine Velasquez for Full House, but also because of the flow of the story.

In his current mindset and characterization, Benjie is not yet right for Sinag. He is still too focused on his own ambition,  unmindful of who he steps on in the process of reaching his goals. Although some realization has set in because he is starting to like Sinag, the player that is Benjie has to become a better man (which is what DTBY fans expect) to win back Sinag.

Now on its 4th week, fans hooked on Destined To Be Yours continue to be amazed by the fast pacing of the teleserye. Most of the AlDub fans were expecting a longer courtship period between Sinag and Benjie, and were quite surprised by how quick the RomCom has turned into a full blown drama.

Tonight’s  episode is expected to be another tearjerker as Benjie would likely beg for another chance with Sinag. Fans are waiting to watch that part where Benjie will kneel before Sinag to ask for her forgiveness, as was shown in the closing billboard teaser.

What fate awaits Sinag and Benjie after this conflict?

Click HERE to watch the confrontation scene between Sinag and Benjie.

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