Young Liza Soberano’s video on Eat Bulaga hits over 4.5 million views

Video of young Liza Soberano as part of 'Eat Bulaga' audience gains over 4.5 million...

by Jessie Mendoza

A video clip of a very young Liza Soberano among the crowd, watching Eat Bulaga’s “Juan for All, All for Juan” portion, had gone viral on Facebook.

The video shows a pretty and innocent-looking Liza , waving a pack of shampoo sachets at the camera. Some people say that the Eat Bulaga video was dated way back 2010, which means Liza was only 12, when her face was first seen on national television.

A young, then unknown Liza Soberano looking at the camera as part of the Eat Bulaga crowd (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga, Filipino Vines)

Eat Bulaga’s JoWaPao were shown in the early part of the video, talking to the winner from a barangay in Quezon City. Then Jose Manalo said that they were giving away sachets of shampoo to members of the barangay who were gathered outside.

The cameraman then focused on Liza’s face for a few seconds before zooming out to show the other screaming girls waving their shampoo packages at the camera.

A few seconds later, as a member of  Eat Bulaga’s staff handed out more sachets, the crowd became rowdy and Liza was pushed forward. She almost lost her balance, but she remained poised and still had a beautiful smile on her face.

Liza as she was pushed by the crowd from behind (Image Credit: Eat Bulaga, Filipino Vines)

A lot of the commenters said that even at that time, the unknown Liza was extraordinarily beautiful. The cameraman spotted her amongst a throng of ladies angling for a shot.

The short video was posted on the Facebook page of Filipino Vines and had gained more than 4.5 million views in less than 2 days. It was also shared more than 56, 000 times, and had elicited more than 16,000 comments as of this writing. Click HERE to go to Filipino Vines FB page.

Watch the same throwback video posted on the YT channel of LiZa SoBeRaNo LizQuen:

Video not available anymore.

One could say that at a very young age, Liza’s raw beauty was camera-ready.

It’s not surprising though, because even at age 12, Liza was already being offered jobs as a print ad model. She was reportedly introduced by a talent scout to her current manager, Ogie Diaz, at age 13. Her audition  for ABS-CBN during that time, had also gained a sizable number of views since it was posted in 2011.

Watch Liza’s audition video below:

(Video Credit: Andy Valenzuela YouTube channel)

Liza admitted years ago that she first signed a contract with GMA Network. But, she later asked to be released from it, when Star Magic of ABS-CBN called her up.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Liza said she applied to the rival networks at the same time. But the young actress said she felt more at home with ABS-CBN, because she was used to watching Kapamilya shows. “Kasi dati pa lang, ABS na po ang pinapanood ko, so gusto ko talaga ABS,”the young actress explained.

Shortly after meeting Ogie, Liza landed her first acting job in the fantasy-drama Wansapanataym in 2011 and was launched in 2013 as one of  the 12 new discoveries of Star Magic.


Liza turned 19 on January 4 (Image Credit: @lizasoberano IG)

Only 6 years after her debut on ABS-CBN, Liza is now a major star in the Philippine showbiz industry. Her beauty had gained international acclaim and had landed several lucrative endorsements. Strange that the shampoo sachet waving-girl is now a shampoo endorser herself.

(Image Credit: Star Cinema)

As an actress, Liza Soberano is now recognized as one of the best among her peers. Her team-up with Enrique Gil (LizQuen), has also produced a couple of hit teleseryes and several blockbuster films, the most recent of which is the movie “My Ex and Whys” which has already grossed 341 million at the box office since it premiered on February 15.

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