Chris Martin visits Coldplay avid fan stricken with stage 4 cancer

Chris Martin visits Coldplay avid fan stricken with stage 4 cancer

by Jessie Mendoza

Band leader Chris Martin of Coldplay visited avid fan Ken Valiant Santiago, a UP Manila medical student stricken with stage 4 cancer, before the band’s scheduled concert at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

According to older brother Kheil, it was Ken who excitedly lined up to buy tickets for the concert. Sadly, Ken was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in February of this year.

(Image Credit: Rhiza Pascua @itsarpee Twitter)

But Ken’s love for music never abated, despite his condition. Kheil said that his brother’s hobby is to play music from Coldplay, everyday in the hospital.

Ken’s favorites are ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ ,’Adventure of a Lifetime’.  ‘Hymn for the Weekend’, and ‘Everglow’.

Last week, he gave away his Platinum ticket to his younger brother, accepting that it is no longer possible to attend the concert in his health condition.

Kheil wrote an open letter on Facebook about his brother, just in case someone from Coldplay or anyone connected with them can relay his message. “I am sending you this open letter to ask a little favor if the band could just say “hi” or a short message for him to make him feel better. We are looking forward to your quick response, ” he said.

(Image Credit: Kheil Vin Santiago FB)

ABS-CBN news reported that Rhiza Pascua of Music Management International (MMI), saw Kheil’s post. MMI is the organizer for Coldplay’s concert in Manila,

Thanks to his generous heart, Chris personally visited Ken at the hospital. Chris gave Ken his cap, and other Coldplay memorabilia, including the band’s latest album.

Unable to voice out his gratitude because of his condition, Ken wrote “I can’t thank you enough,” on a small white board, according to ABS-CBN’s report.

Kheil said in an interview with ABS-CBN that his brother Ken answered “Ink”, when asked by Martin what Coldplay song he wants the band to play in their most-awaited concert in Manila. He added that Chris texted his bandmates about the song, which they will include in their repertoire in tonight’s concert.

So if you hear the song Ink played by Coldplay at MOA tonight, that’s courtesy of Ken. At the same time, saying  a short prayer for Ken will do you no harm.

While in Singapore, Chris also visited the patients of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and gave away tickets to the hospital staff.

Coldplay will be playing before a crowd of at least 20,000 tonight at 8:00 pm at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

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