AlDub at Coldplay concert, their sweetest pics & videos drive fans crazy

LOOK: AlDub at Coldplay concert, their sweetest pics & videos drive fans crazy

by Jessie Mendoza

Every AlDub fan knows Maine Mendoza is a diehard fan of Coldplay. Last night, she proved that once again, by watching the Manila leg of Coldplay’s “A Head Full of Dreams Tour”.

Maine watched Coldplay’s concert in the US last year. But this time around, her love team partner, Alden Richards is with her.

(Image Credit: @ EatBulaga)

AlDub and their friends were early birds at the concert grounds, having enough time to pose with some fans.

Maine even had a cheerful solo pose in front of the stage, and later on, with Alden at her side.


@mainedcm Leggo!!!! #ColdplayManila P.S. Hindi ako handa talaga, promise. Wearing the same outfit as last year ? (Image Credit: @mainedcm Twitter)

But while a lot of pictures of Alden and Maine circulated online, there’s this one picture that “killed half of the neyshen daw in one night”, according to the owner of the picture,  san_rio @RioVillacorta.

The picture shows Maine Mendoza watching the concert while Alden carried her on his shoulders. The pic was worth a thousand sweet words and thousands of retweets (4,500 and counting) and replies.

(Image Credit: san_rio @RioVillacorta Twitter)

Most commenters said they just died when they saw the picture. Others couldn’t help but cry, while some tweeted expletives in reaction to the picture.

Here are other angles showing how Alden  carried Maine on his shoulders.

(Image Credit: Jel #ColdplayManila‏ @nyjelove Twitter)

Then, videos emerged which showed Maine and Alden singing with the band, Maine obviously enjoying the show atop Alden’s shoulders. Meanwhile, Alden looked like he never got tired nor flustered from carrying Maine. With his strong physique, Alden was just too happy to carry Maine.

When we expected you to just hold her, you lift her up and support her. Thank you, RJ. You love Meng so well.#MaiChardAtColdplayManila

— ∞ (@sharon_mtpi) April 4, 2017

(Video CreditL @sharon_mtpi Twitter, @katrnicolas IG)

— Jel #727TourMNL (@nyjelove) April 4, 2017

(Video Credit: Jel #ColdplayManila‏ @nyjelove Twitter)

After the concert, Alden and Maine were mobbed, as usual. And the ever-protective Alden switched to his Rogelio mode to escort Maine to her van.

Medyo badtrip si A, intense siksikan kasi.
Hear me scream wag nyo sila kuyugin. Char. Ang sakit maipit mga bes. ?#MaiChardAtColdplayManila

— kia likes ? (@candyscribbles) April 4, 2017

(Video Credit: @candyscribbles)

It was a memorable night for Coldplay fans. But we bet it was also one of the most unforgettable nights for the fans of AlDub.

Here are some more photos to feast your eyes on:

(Image Credit: Maine Mendoza FB page)

(Image Credit: ANNwithnoE‏ @Forever_Rimaine Twitter)

(Image Credit: san_rio @RioVillacorta Twitter)

(Image Credit: @mainedcm IG)

(Image Credit: san_rio @RioVillacorta Twitter)

(Image Credit: @Clingy_MaiChard)

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