Sunshine Cruz earns college degree, netizens inspired by her achievement

Sunshine Cruz earns college degree, netizens inspired by her achievement

by Jessie Mendoza

Sunshine Cruz is proud to have accomplished her dream of obtaining a college degree recently. The 39-year old actress and mother of three beautiful girls, proudly announced on Instagram, one of her most cherished achievements thus far.

The singer-actress is now a BA in Psychology graduate of Arellano University. She joined the university’s 79th Commencement and Completion Exercises on April 1 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

(Image Credit: @sunshinecruz718 IG)

Clad in a toga with a white hood and graduation cap, Sunshine received her diploma onstage amidst hearty applause from the other graduates and attendees. She gleefully raised her diploma above her head with her left hand. She shared a video of that moment and captioned it with “I did it! #bapsychology #eteeap #arellano #arellanouniversity”

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Video Credit: @sunshinecruz718 IG)

The actress, who started her career when she was just 15 and later married Cesar Montano when she turned 23, never let go of her dream to finish college. With the annulment of her marriage to Cesar in 2013 and with her kids all grown up, Sunshine finally had the opportunity to pursue one of her lifelong dreams.

She gave an inspiring message to her IG followers last year, after she and her group mates had a successful final defense of their thesis. Here’s an excerpt:

“I believe education is wealth that cannot be stolen and an inheritance that cannot be lost. I’ve always wanted to finish college but only had the chance recently. Very soon I will be graduating #BApsychology through the #ETEEAP program of Arellano University. Thank you to the people who made this possible…”

(Image Credit: @sunshinecruz718 IG)

About a year ago, Sunshine posted on IG that she was going back to school as an AB Psychology student at the Arellano University, under the the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP).

sunshinecruz718 Because its never too late to go back to school. (Image Credit: @sunshinecruz718 IG)

Since a lot of her followers were asking about what ETEEAP is, here’s how it is defined by the country’s Commission on Higher Education:

ETEEAP is a comprehensive program of identifying, assessing,validating, and assigning equivalent college-level learning for prior learning from formal, non-formal and informal training and relevant work experiences and completion of competency enrichment and other program requirement/s toward the final granting of appropriate undergraduate academic degree. (from

The program is open to any Filipino who is at least 22 years old, a high school graduate, and has work experience relevant or related to the academic degree program or discipline he or she wants to obtain.

ETEEAP enrollees can earn a Bachelor’s degree in just one year.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a total breeze.


sunshinecruz718 Good job group mates. Got 1.5 which is equivalent to 93 for our presentation. Finally done with our final thesis defense. #BApsychology #ETEEAP (Image Credit: @sunshinecruz718 IG)

Sunshine, had to take exams, make a thesis and defend it just like the rest of regular college students.

But in the end, it was all worth it. She accomplished one of her dreams through hard work and persistence.

sunshinecruz718 Tomorrow afternoon, I will be graduating too! I’ve always believed age is not a hindrance to finish college. Thank you Arellano University. Thank you ETEEAP program for making one of my dreams come true. #eteeap #bapsychology (Image Credit: @sunshinecruz718 IG)

A lot of her followers said that Sunshine’s feat will always serve as an inspiration to them. Her message about the value of education resonated especially among mothers who were unable to finish college and among middle-aged people who have not obtained their college diploma yet.

Congratulations, Sunshine!

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