Angel Locsin amused by Maine Mendoza’s impersonation of her

Angel Locsin amused by Maine Mendoza's impersonation video of her

by Jessie Mendoza

Actress-model Angel Locsin was totally amused by a recent IG story of Phenomenal Star Maine Mendoza.

In a 15-second video posted on Instagram, Maine and singer-impersonator Jennie Gabriel mimicked the way Angel Locsin talks.

Angel Locsin with a hat Maine Mendoza Gaga Dot
Image Credit: Angel Locsin FB ; Maine Mendoza FB

The conversation between the two “Angels” was simple but downright funny because Maine and Jennie nailed it!

Here’s how the conversation went:

Maine: Mars, kumusta na? (Mars, how are you?)
Jennie: Wow, you’re here pala, kumusta ka naman? Miss kita, ha? (Wow, so you’re here, how are you? I miss you.)
Maine: Ako, ok lang naman ako, ha. Ikaw, kumusta ka? (Me, i am just ok, ha? You, how are you?)
Jennie: Ang bango mo Mars, ha? (You smell good, Mars, ha?)
Maine: Thank you, ha?
Jennie: Hello, hello po sa inyong lahat, ha? (Hello to all of you.)
Maine: Hi! Kumusta kayo dyan, ha? (How are you there? )
Jennie: Ok naman? (You’re ok?)

Quite silly, right? But watch how they deliver those lines.

06292017 | mainedcm IG story update

— maine archive (@mainearchive) June 29, 2017

A few hours later, Angel got wind of the IG story posted by Maine, and reacted to it on Twitter. She said, “Tawang tawa ako dito… naglaro si Maine at Jen eh.” (I laughed at this so much…Maine and Jen played)


Tawang tawa ako dito ? naglaro si Maine at Jen eh ???

— Angel Locsin (@143redangel) June 29, 2017

Maine responded via IG story to Angel’s tweet in less than two hours. She said, “Hi guys, gusto ko lang i-share sa inyo na ni-replyan ako ni Angel Locsin.” (Hi guys, I just want to share with you that Angel Locsin replied to me.)

Then in a heartbeat, Maine switched to her Angel Locsin persona again and said, “Sobrang nakakatuwa lang, di ba? Na ma-replyan ng isang Angel Locsin. Kaya maraming salamat po, ha? Darna, ha?” (It’s just so funny, isn’t it? That an Angel Locsin would reply to me. That’s why thank you very much, ha?)

06302017 | mainedcm IG story update

— maine archive (@mainearchive) June 29, 2017

Angel shared both IG stories of Maine on her FB account, with the message, “Happy Friday, Angels! Sharing this super cute video of Maine Mendoza doing her own Angel Locsin voice impersonation, kuha ba (did she get it?) Maine is ❤️❤️❤️.

Followers of both Angel and Maine were delighted with the exchange between their idols. A lot of them had posted positive comments about the interaction.

What People Say

Hannah Francisco: She’s not only good at dubsmashing. She is even better impersonating. Close your eyes & its A Locsin you’ll hear talking.

MaineStar ?⛤: Love you Menggay?Youre hilariously funny?

@teresitatuazon: Wish Maine gets a chance to have project with Ms @143redangel ! Kabog yun!(That would be great!) ?

Yssa Hernandez Olecram: Both beautiful inside and out..kaya sila lng yung idol ko eh (that’s why they’re my only idols)…Angel and Maine… ??

Queen of Dubsmash Maine, never fails to surprise us with her many talents. Way to go, Maine!

Meanwhile, for those who would like to see more of Jennie’s impersonation of Angel Locsin, click HERE.

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