Luis Manzano gives Jessy Mendiola a surprise anniversary gift

Luis Manzano's surprise anniversary gift for Jessy Mendiola

by Jessie Mendoza

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola celebrated their first year anniversary as a couple last Sunday, June 25.

Aside from a staycation at Solaire, Luis gave Jessy a gift which brought her to tears. The Kapamilya host was laughing as his girlfriend cried when he surprised her with an adorable and ultra cute teacup poodle.

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola First Year Anniversary
Image Credit: @luckymanzano IG

The actor-host posted his sweetheart’s reaction on Instagram, yesterday, June 26, and wrote this message: “So someone cried when she saw my anniversary surprise! ❤️ from Teddy, his name is now Chewy!!”

In the video, Jessy couldn’t say a thing except, “Ang daya mo! (You tricked me!)”

Then Luis asked, “Bakit ka umiiyak? (Why are you crying?)”.

His girlfriend could only manage to answer, “Eh kasi…” (because). Then Jessy continued crying. Recovering a bit later, she said “Hello” to her new pet.

What a sweet gesture, Luis! Happy Anniversary to both of you!

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