Maureen Wroblewitz of Philippines wins Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5

Filipina Maureen Wroblewitz is Asia's Next Top Model cycle 5 winner

by Jessie Mendoza

For the first time, a Filipina bagged the title as Asia’s Next Top Model (ANTM).

The 18-year-old Philippine representative, Maureen “Mau” Wroblewitz, beat Malaysia’s Shikin Gomez and Vietnam’s Minh Tu Nguyen in the finale of ANTM Cycle 5.

Maureen Wroblewitz modeling for Asia
Image Credit: Asia’s Next Top Model, Star World

Being the youngest and the smallest (at 168 cm or 5 ft 5 inches) in the competition, did not stop Maureen from winning the prestigious title.

She was bullied early on by a fellow contestant, Indonesian Clara Tan, who said she was just a “pretty face with no skills”.

But Maureen proved her bully wrong.

Host and judge Cindy Bishop said as much, “You’re not only the youngest, you’re also the smallest of the competition. But you have stood tall, and silenced anyone who ever doubted you.”

A couple of days before the finale, Cindy also described Maureen as “this angel that has just burst into our lives and has got such a big future ahead of her.”

In an Instagram post a few hours after her victory, Maureen said that being Asia’s Next Top Model “feels like a dream”. She described her experience as “such a crazy journey but definitely a once-in-a lifetime experience” that she will never forget.

She also explained that she entered the competition, doubtful about herself. She learned a lot during the tough competition but “mostly learned a lot about herself.”

The ANTP winner said she wanted to win the competition for the Philippines, and she’s happy that she did.

She advised her followers: “To follow your dreams and not let anyone bring you down. Do what you love to do!”

As the ANTM winner, Maureen gets an outright contract with London-based Storm Model Management and a Subaru car. She will also grace the cover of Nylon Singapore.

During the finale episode Maureen shared that all her efforts are in memory of her mother, who passed away when she was only 11 years old. “She would have been so proud,” Maureen said.

Judges talk why Maureen is the deserving winner of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5.

Comments from fellow Filipinos

Jean Gabutin: Maureen is not only a Top Model, she’s a Tough Model. Fearless.

Joy Ann Libao: I will watch this over and over again as i am experiencing being bullied right now. i think i can emulate maureen’s performance and the way she handled her situation in my life.

Mj Ibañez: Congratulations Maureen, we love you , being a good hearted and humble person,your sacrifice and determinations, now its all worth it,,, it always brings out the best for you, God sees everything you did, so God gives what is best for you …. Mabuhay all Filipino’s Around the world …Mabuhay ang Bansang Pilipinas

Jzee D.C: To those who think Maureen’s last photo doesn’t deserve to be recognized: the theme was Avant Grande, which means “pushing the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm.” Filipinas are known and expected to be conservative. Maureen pulling her traditional dress up defies the Philippine norms of how a Filipina should act. Yes, Shikin and Tu both have powerful photos, but theirs didn’t fit the theme. I was actually rooting for both Shikin (because she has the skills and facial features of a model) and Maureen (because of the same reasons, and also because she was representing my country).

Maureen Wroblewitz Graces the Cover of Nylon SG Magazine after Winning Asia’s Next Top Model

What people say

BaekHyun Byun: Like yu tsai said her dead eyes are the most amazing it’s rare to see people who rock dead eyes some even look like they are bored but maureen has this something about her dead eyes

Pamela Gayotin: Because of Mareen i’m gonna buy this nylon mag. congrats maureen we’re proud of you.

bi hugs: Nylon Singapore featuring Maureen in the cover will be released on newsstands by July. The P1,000,000 question: Paano ba ito mabibili sa Pilipinas??

Aloudrick Villamor: Where can i find nylon mags here in the Philippines?

Rosalyn Tañafranca: Hopefully there will be available copies in the Philippines

Amy Yip: Congratulations maureen w… Yes baby girl you made us very very proud ,it is your attitude that brought you up and ofcourse you have beauty & brain….Stay grounded baby girl….Your humbleness is one the fact that we adored about you…Have the best in everything..! Congratulations …!

Erlene Magbanua: I’m going to buy one of these Nylon magazines. She absolutely looks stunning. We love you Maureen.

Sunny Mallari: Maureen reminds me of Nicole, winner of ANTM [America’s Next Top Model] 13. And Nicole is a short girl, too. Watch the final episode of ANTM [America’s Next Top Model] 13. Nicole’s eyes are just like Maureen’s.

The whole country is proud of you now, Maureen! Congratulations!

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