The Voice Teens Philippines Battle Round: Andrea vs Emarjhun – Hallelujah

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Watch how judges were blown away by Andrea Badinas and Emarjhun De Guzman's Hallelujah…

What a great performance by Andrea Badinas and Emarjhun De Guzman!

The two beautifully sang Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. They showed off their distinct styles but never to a point did they try to outdo one another.

The Voice Teens Philippines Battle Round: Andrea vs Emarjhun - Hallelujah
Image Credit: The Voice Teens Philippines

Andrea and Emarjhun definitely are very talented artists so it was hard for Coach Bamboo to take his pick. In the end, he went for Emarjhun.

Some say that Coach Bamboo carefully planned the Battle Round for the two. That he made Andrea sing the best lines in Hallelujah because when he picks Emarjhun, he wanted the other judges to steal Andrea.

What do you think? Whether it’s true or not, what matters was one judge stole Andrea.

Watch The Voice Teens Philippines Battle Round: Andrea vs Emarjhun – Hallelujah

The Voice Teens Philippines Battle Round: Andrea vs Emarjhun – Hallelujah Voice Teens Philippines Battle Round: Andrea vs Emarjhun – Hallelujah 24, 2017


Coach Sharon:

Masyado akong naapektuhan (I was so affected). I like the way that when she took me with her, she just carried me and we both soared. So I’ll have to go with Andrea.

Coach Lea:

It’s a huge, huge song. Your hearts were both so in it. Mahirap, mahirap (It’s difficult). And you’re both so different. Different artists with very different vocal qualities. Sino for me ang nag-rise sa challenge na ‘to? (Between you, who rose to this challenge?) Dahil sa ibang karakter din ang kanyang ipinakita sa battle na ‘to, I’m picking Emarjhun. (Because he showed a different character in this battle, I’m picking Emarjhun.)

Coach Sarah:

Itong dalawang magagaling na artists na ‘to natatandaan ko ‘tong dalawang ‘to eh. Inikutan ko ‘to pareho eh. Hindi rin ako pinili. Sakit sa puso. (These two good artists, I remember them. I circled around them both. But they didn’t choose me. Broke my heart.)

Hindi, pero ‘yong ipinakita niyong performance, nagawa ninyo ng maganda, ng sarili ninyong atake. Pero kung mamimili lang ako ng isa sa inyo, ginulat ako eh. Hindi ko in-expect na kaya niyang gawin ‘yon… Si Andrea. (No, but the performances you showed, they were great because of your own attack. But if I were to choose one between you, it was because I was surprised. I didn’t expect that she can do that…It’s Andrea.)

Coach Bamboo:

Medyo speechless nga ako eh kasi ito ‘yong dalawang favorite ko. (I am quite speechless because these two are my favorites). Very minor pitch problems pero OK lang sa’kin ‘yon (but that’s ok). Sa’kin importante ‘yong emotion na ibinigay niyo na alam ko na wala kayo. (For me, what’s important is the emotion that you gave, which I know you do not have.)

Ilang beses nating ni-rehearse na rin ‘to at narinig ko (We have rehearsed this many times and I heard) what you have done and what you have done. And I appreciate yung (the) step up. I like that. Ang hirap pumili talaga. Pareho kayong magaling na vocalists. Pareho kayong ready-ing ready na sa next round. Ang pipiliin ko ay si Emarjhun. (It’s really hard to choose. Both of you are good vocalists. Both of you are very much ready for the next round. I will choose Emarjhun.)

Comments from viewers

Nick Salgado: We all know who bamboo wanted to keep so bad, it wasn’t ej. i may be assuming but knowing bamboo’s taste, he’d definitely go for andrea. but…he chose to keep them both by choosing someone less worthy of a steal, so the other one can be ~surely~ stolen 🙂 just saying

Shirley Steen: Wow! These kids singing gave me goosebumps the whole time! Praise God for such talented Filipino Teens 🙂

al fogel: Beyond amazing! Both generated such emotion and feelings that ripped my heart open. I would pay in a heartbeat for them to do a Cover duet on iTunes. The most amazing duet of this classic spiritual song I have ever heard!!!!

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