Angelina King surprises wife Joey Mead with a custom Ford Mustang

Angelina King surprises her wife Joey Mead King with a custom 1967 Ford Mustang worth around...

September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

Angelina King just showed to the world just how much she loved her wife Joey Mead, by surprising her with her dream car – a matte black 1967 ‘Eleanor’ Ford Mustang.

Angelina King surprise wife Joey Mead King with custom 1967 Eleanor Ford Mustang or Shelby Mustang from the film Gone in Sixty Seconds
Image Credit: Hail to the Queen, Angelina King

A known car enthusiast, Angelina checked and supervised the making of her wife’s customized car, which is only the 7th of its kind in the world. She documented the build process, which took a year to complete.

She then named the car “Angelina”. Why her namesake? “So Joey will never forget me,” Angelina explained.

Joey’s dream car was built at the garage of Fusion Luxury Motors in California, USA. Everything about the car was top-notch, from its smoked lights to its matte paint finish.

Angelina captured the reaction of Joey when she “unveiled” the Mustang to her. And as expected, any one given such a fancy car couldn’t help but cry.

In Joey’s case, she did cry, and then shrieked when she heard how the engine roared when she revved it up.



When Angelina brought her wife to the garage, she didn’t know there was a wonderful surprise waiting for her.

Joey looked appreciatively at the rare Mustangs at the huge garage of Fusion. Angelina said that her wife was like in a candy store.

She said on camera, “It’s my first time to see my wife drooling, my wife’s actually drooling.”

When a door was opened to another part of the garage and Joey saw a wrapped car, complete with a bow, she started crying.

Behind the cam, Angelina lovingly said, “Oh, what’s that baby? Are you ready for this?”

Joey became more emotional and had to cover her mouth to contain her excitement when the car was unveiled before her eyes.

As she got on the driver’s seat, Joey touched the steering wheel like a kid with a brand new toy. When she was asked to rev it up, she literally screamed when she heard how powerful the engine sounded.

“So, what do you think, honey?”, Angelina asked. Joey’s answer to her transgender wife was simply, “I love you.”

The video titled “Unveiling ‘Angelina’ to my wife” had gone viral on YouTube with more than 360,000 views, and is now # 3 on the Top 10 list in the Philippines.

Watch how Angelina King surprised her wife, Joey, with a custom 1967 ‘Eleanor’ Mustang:

Unveiling “Angelina” to my wife “Angelina” to my wife 17, 2017

Joey’s word of thanks are spread out on her social media posts. She is so happy with what Angelina has done and is proud of her custom-made dream car.

The Eleanor Mustang model became popular when it was featured in the 2000 remake, ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ which starred Nicholas Cage. Fusion makes the car from as low as $180,000 to $250,000.

Since, Joey’s car is “customized from hood to mags”, the car most likely cost more than $250K or PHP12.6 million at current exchange rates.

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