Half-Filipino girl covered in moles auditions for Miss Universe Malaysia

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Half-Filipino girl whose body is covered in moles auditions for Miss Universe Malaysia

A 20 year-old lady from Kota Kinabalu, whose whole body is covered in moles, has just recently auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia 2018.

Meet Evita Patcey Delmundo, a gutsy and beautiful millenial of Rungus-Filipino descent, who is redefining beauty as we know it.

Evita Delmundo with Miss Universe bag
Image Credit: @evita_delmundo IG

Interviewed by Elle Malaysia, Evita said that growing up, she was bullied in primary school and was often called ‘Monster’ or ‘Chipsmore’.

Attending a church camp at 16 taught her to love herself and more accepting of her looks.

She admitted to Elle that she wanted to have her moles removed before. But her doctors said it would pose a risk, so she decided not to push through and just accepted her body as it is.

Evita Delmundo in glasses
Image Credit: @evita_delmundo IG

Nowadays, Evita has learned how to ignore people who stare at her or make disparaging comments about her unusual skin. She told Elle, “I don’t think it’s necessary to fight back with more negativity. Haters really don’t deserve my attention.”

She said she has always dreamt to be part of Miss Universe Malaysia to “showcase her uniqueness” and to serve as inspiration to others. If she doesn’t pass the auditions, she plans to join other beauty pageants in the future.

Go fight for it no one will stop you ?❤

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Evita herself is inspired by Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, whose confidence and beautiful heart she admires.

Elle Malaysia’s story on Evita was picked up by the Miss Universe organization and published an excerpt of it on their website.

Believe ?

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Currently, Evita has a decent following on Instagram (48,500+). She had posted videos of her singing (she’s got a nice voice!) while accompanying herself with a guitar; drawing, and also playing with cats in her part-time job at a cat cafe.

Engkaulah perisaiku cover ??

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Evita continues to inspire her followers with her unique beauty, courage, confidence, and many talents.. And yes they love her, moles and all.

What people say:

maulidaf_7 : I admire you. You have inspired me. Success always ????

v.s.h.x.valerie_993: Omg our local hero………♥ youre beautiful inside and out!!!!

yuliendanie: girl i want your confidence, teach meeee ?????

cristinakalugina: Awww you make me feel so much better about my moles.

ranjana.bantawarai: If freckles can be the new trend.. moles can be too.. indeed you are pretty !! ???

abreathofroxane: Not sure if you are keeping track, but I saw you on the (country wide) Canadian News Source. You are a stunning woman, goodluck in this endeavor. You have many cheering you on.

nanajb21: I don’t watch the universal pageants!! But, I’m definitely going to watch it because of you. You’re incredibly beautiful and an inspiration. I’m supporting to the end.

zoeymalik86: you should feel great, u r beautiful and you inspire people to be confident with themselves. which is a very hard thing to do for most people.

joan_delisio: My body has some moles too, I’ve had about 6 removed over the years. I know you & your doctor decided not to remove them because it may cause some difficulty. It seems to me you could easily remove some of them though, it’s not a complicated procedure and the skin heals quickly. Either way I will keep following you because you are a big inspiration to many people~ teaching us to see the positives and not dwell on the “dark spots” on skin or in life !!!

va.celine: so strong and beautiful. what an icon! ??☺️❤️ god bless you

traceyisabella: thank you for being you. your confidence is absolutely inspiring to me. ?

ajaeshe: She’s extremely beautiful ?. What is her condition????? With such a noticeable condition, she’s is sooo beautiful!!!!! I believe that makes her unique! She stands out from everyone.

hendry_getruda: please #missuniverse pick her to be the finalist. she can inspire girls all over the world with her unique features

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