Alfred Vargas and Yasmine Espiritu romantic prenup pictures

Prenup Photos of Alfred Vargas and Yasmine Espiritu in Italy

by Jessie Mendoza

Alfred Vargas and his wife Yasmine Espiritu recently shared their prenup photos taken in Italy.

The photos were splendid! The most scenic spots of Milan and Venice served as the perfect backdrop for the obvious happiness felt by the couple.

Alfred Vargas and wife Yasmine in prenup photo with doves in Milan
Image Credit: @alfredvargasofficial IG

The wonderful, romantic, prenup photos of the couple were done by Niceprintphoto. Feast your eyes on these lovely shots, some with cute messages from Alfred:

Alfred and Yasmine leaning on a post in Italy
Image Credit: @niceprintphoto IG

Niceprinto photo even had “moving” prenup photos of the couple.

Venice ✈️❤️ Moving Photo is pure love

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Exploring the beautiful city of Venice ❤️ #movingphoto is love ❤️ Alfred and Yasmine Vargas

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Alfred and Yasmine were married secretly at the Supreme Court in August 2010.

The couple will have a church wedding on July 23, 2017 at the Manila Cathedral, fulfilling Alfred’s promise to his wife that he will give her a church wedding she wants, someday.

Alfred even re-proposed to Yasmine for their church wedding, also on July 23 last year. Alfred timed his proposal to fall on that date, as well as their wedding since 7-23 are very lucky numbers for the both of them. Yasmine’s favorite number is also 7, while Albert’s is 23.

Yasmine Espiritu in Italy, smiling on a step while sitting down
Image Credit: @niceprintphoto IG


Alfred and Yasmine met on March 16, 2008 when Alfred had a show in Laguna.

Destiny must have led them to each other since both said it was love at first sight.

Alfred Vargas and wife Yasmine in a prenup photo in Italy
Image Credit: @niceprintphoto IG

In a 2011 interview with veteran showbiz reporter Ricky Lo, Alfred said, “She stood out in the audience. I told myself at that moment, ‘This is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with’.”

It turned out, Yasmine had been a fan of Alfred for a while and even had a poster of him in her room. She also told her grandmother jokingly that she will marry Alfred, the first time she saw him on television.

Nine months after that initial meeting, they officially became a couple.

The lovely pair now have two adorable daughters named Alexandra and Aryana Cassandra.

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