Justin Bieber tagged by Kim Chiu in her ‘Despacito’ dance video

See how Justin Bieber was tagged by Kim Chiu in her 'Despacito' dance video posted...

by Jessie Mendoza

Kim Chiu is not through yet with her fangirling mode over pop idol Justin Bieber.

Kim Chiu dancing Despacito and tagging Justin Bieber on Instagram
Image Credit: @chinitaprincess IG

The actress-singer, known in the Philippines as Chinita Princess or vice-versa, has recently tagged the Bieber in a dance video wherein she danced to his version of “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi.

Posting the video on her Instagram, Kim captioned it with “last hurrah for #bieberfever ?✌? thank you @asapofficial @gforce_official ❤ #despacito @justinbieber ??”.

last hurrah for #bieberfever ?✌? thank you @asapofficial @gforce_official ❤ #despacito @justinbieber ??

A post shared by Kimberly Sue Chiu ? (@chinitaprincess) on


As of this posting, Bieber hasn’t reacted to the video, but who knows? He just might like Princess Chinita’s latest effort to catch his attention!

Kim Chiu has been hogging the news lately because of her recent online encounter with Bieber. US Magazine Teen Vogue even picked up the news and published it on their website.

Seven words from Bieber in an IG Live Q&A session and the actress-singer was ecstatic, like she won the lottery or something.

That’s understandable, Bieber is such a big star that a mere mention of one’s name is enough to send a fan to high heavens.

In Kim’s case, Bieber saying “Chinita, I’ll see you in the Philippines”, was more than anything that a fan could hope for.

Kim is no ordinary fan, though, as everyone who’s into Philippine showbiz knows. She is a star in her own right and have millions of fans too, on social media – 11.4 million on Facebook,1.07 million on Twitter, and 3.6 million on Instagram.

As to whether Kim and Justin will actually meet in a one-on-one encounter, we’ll have to wait and see if that will ever happen.

If it does, expect the Chinita Princess to freak out like she did when Bieber mentioned her nickname.

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