Maine Mendoza slays ‘Alarma’ dance with Ryan Agoncillo on Eat Bulaga

Watch how Maine Mendoza slays the 'Alarma' tribal techno dance with Ryan Agoncillo...

by Jessie Mendoza

Maine Mendoza brought the house down, so to speak, in a tribal techno dance on Eat Bulaga’s #Dabarkads Goals: The Ultimate Challenge.

Maine Mendoza Alarma techno dance with Ryan Agoncillo on Eat Bulaga Dabarkads Goals The Ultimate Challenge AlDub nation and AlDub scoopers amazed by performance of Dubsmash Queen
Image Credit: @Eat Bulaga

The Phenomenal Star’s team up with Ryan Agoncillo, dubbed as Team RaMen, gave a standout performance which amazed everyone.

Ryan and Maine danced to the mix “Alarma” by German DJ act, 666. And up to now, AlDub fans could not believe that Maine did that “buwis buhay” (literally life taxing) or hazardous dance number with Ryan.

Maine Mendoza Alarma techno dance Ryan Agoncillo on Eat Bulaga Dabarkads Goals The Ultimate Challenge AlDub nation and AlDub scoopers amazed by Dubsmash Queen dangerous hazardous dance steps
Image Credit: @Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga viewers were blown away by Maine’s dancing skills, and are still talking about it on social media up to now.

Maine’s AlDub love team partner, Alden Richards, was shown in some BTS videos cheering wildly for her, along with the rest of the Eat Bulaga live audience.

Maine posted on her Facebook and Instagram accounts that she’s up to the challenge, even if she was tossed around by her team of dancers during their “Alarma” performance.

Her message shows just how determined she is to win the Dabarkads Goals: The Ultimate Challenge with Ryan.

She said, “Pagkatapos ibalibag ng ilang beses, game face on pa din. Tapatan na naman sa Huwebes at kung sakaling papalarin, sa Sabado din ulit para sa grand finals. Ilaban natin to #TeamRamen, para sa P3,800!!! #DabarkadsGoals #pasapamore”

(After being thrown around several times, my game face is still on. We’ll compete with each other again on Thursday and if we’re lucky, we will perform on Saturday also for the grand finals. Let’s fight for this #TeamRame, for the PHP 3,800.)

Many viewers, especially AlDub fans, said that they got scared during Team RaMen’s breathtaking routine, especially with the stunts that Maine did.

A lot of people admitted that they feared for Maine’s safety during her performance, especially since she was being thrown into the air, every now and then.

Despite the difficulty, Maine seemed to enjoy the tribal techno dance. Her confident flips on air, showed a level of skill that is admirable for someone who’s not even a professional dancer and who has been dancing on live television for only 2 years.

Her talent in Dubsmash and mime also came into play as she clearly communicated to Ryan, who acted as a an adventurer of sorts, through actions and hand movements only.

Watch the much-talked about Team RaMen performance:

Sorry. The video is not available anymore.

After Team RaMen’s breathtaking “Alarma” dance, everyone knew right there and then that they won over Team LuGy (Luane and Miggy), who danced to “Metallic Gigolo.”

A lot of viewers agree that Team RaMen set the bar for the contest, Dabarkads Goals: The Ultimate Challenge. Co-host Jose Manalo jokingly said there’s no competition the next day (where he was supposed to perform) and that they would simply lose by default.

Maine and Ryan won the prize money of PHP3,800 for the day, which is symbolic for Eat Bulaga’s 38 years on TV.

Comments from the EB Panel and Judges:

Allan K: OMG!

Vic Sotto: Oy si Maine, dalhin ninyo nga sa clinic, baka kalas-kalas na ang buto nito. Pa x-ray ninyo yan mamaya, ha? (Bring Maine to the clinic, her bones just might be disconnected already. Let her have an X-ray later.)

Venus Raj: I really had fun. Sobrang natuwa ako (I enjoyed it so much)… and then yung (the) excitement, yung habang tinatapon si Maine (that part whe Maine was being thrown). Talagang hindi ka hihinga, habang tinatapon sya. (You really won’t breathe, while she was being thrown) And I like the fact na parang yung kwento nya ay yung (that the story is like) city boy meets the Jungle Queen na parang kabaligtaran ng (which is like the opposite of) Tarzan…I like it!

Isabel Granada: Ako naman ang masasabi sa (Me, what I can say about) both groups, grabe (too much)!…Sa Team Ramen naman, meron pa ba akong masasabi?(With Team Ramen, can I still say anything? Ramen na Ramen na e. Kumpletos rekados (literally, complete ingredients). But both teams, honestly, ang galing ninyo, sobra (you are so good). Ang taas ng standards ninyo, super, super, wala akong masabi. (You standards are so high, super, super, I couldn’t say anything).

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