Mikey Bustos ‘I Wear Speedos’ breaks 10 million mark on Facebook

Watch the viral 'Despacito' parody music video of Mikey Bustos titled 'I Wear...

by Jessie Mendoza

Mikey Bustos has done it again! His ‘Despacito’ parody music video, titled “I Wear Speedos” has gone viral on Facebook and on YouTube. The hilarious video racked up more than 10 million views on Facebook and gained more than 500,000 views on YouTube in just two days.

The Filipino-Canadian singer and comedian parodied the song “Despacito”, originally sang by Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi and featuring rapper Daddy Yankee.

Mikey Bustos  wearing a Speedo for parody music video I Wear Speedos
Image Credit: Mikey Bustos

“Despacito” became more popular when a remix version featuring pop idol Justin Bieber was released in April of this year.

Always attuned with the current trends online, Mikey lost no time in making a funny, witty, and rather risqué parody of Despacito.

Despite the fact that a lot of his videos have also gained millions of views, Mikey was delighted when “I Wear Speedos” became a big hit.

The moment it became viral on YouTube, Mikey immediately shared the good news with his fans and thanked them. He said on a vlog, “Good news, the new Despacido parody has officially exploded…It’s got over a hundred thousand views, it’s just overnight. It hasn’t even been 24 hours.”

A bit later, when he found out that the video has gone viral on Facebook too, he was quick to think about its possible consequences. He said, “This video is going viral. Oh man, I guess this means I have to perform it at my shows! Hahhh! In a Speedo?”

The video, as the title suggests, shows the reasons why Mikey loves wearing Speedos. By “Speedos”, he means the swim briefs with the brand Speedo.

Aside from the “freedom” he feels when wearing Speedos, the singer-vlogger-composer finds a variety of unconventional and hilarious ways of using a Speedo.

There’s a line in the viral parody video which says: “it even acts like a pocket, I hide my money inside it”. Don’t imagine how he does that. Instead, watch the viral video (filmed at the beautiful White Beach of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines) and see why it’s one of the hottest videos on Facebook and YouTube this week.

Mikey explained in another vlog that the Speedo video may become one of the most viral videos his team has ever created. He said that although they have several videos with millions of views, he believes that the Speedo video will be one of those that will go internationally viral.

The artist explained by saying:

We’ve released many videos and a lot of them have reached to the millions, they’ve gone viral too, but mostly in the Filipino community. Very rarely, on special occasions, we’ll have a video that will go internationally viral; as in different countries will share it and it’ll make it on news stations and websites of different countries. One of such videos was our Avicii Acapella video which happen to go completely internationally viral and even made it on “Good Morning America” and the “Today” show in the US.”

Just in case you didn’t know, Speedo is a brand of swimwear and accessories but is best known for its tight, body-hugging or revealing men’s briefs. It is popular among athletes and beach bums.

The tight briefs are famous in Europe and South America, according to Esquire. But in America and elsewhere in the world, one should have enough bravado and confidence to wear a Speedo brief with ease.

Aside from the “I Wear Speedos” parody video, Mikey has another viral video circulating online at about the same time. Titled simply as “GREEN ANTS?!” , Mikey said the video grabbed the # 4 slot on YouTube trending videos in the US, a few days after it was published on July 8. The video was published in his other YouTube channel named “AntsCanada”.

Mikey owns a blog and e-commerce site, founded in 2009, where he sells ants to a community of ant lovers and to museums.

If you want to watch Mikey live, he will be one of the featured artists in the “Asia International Comedy Fest 2017” at the Kallang Theatre, Singapore on September 10.

What people say on Facebook:

Laura Ashford: this is brilliant, watch the whole thing omg ?

Mike Gaffney: I think I need to start wearing speedos

Gabriella Manuela: the best and most impressive thing to happen in 2017.

Dayna Thompson: He actually makes a good argument for why speedos make sense haha

Julie Maldonado: “I walk around with my big that I got from my mommy” ?? bruhhh new favorite song

Potata Jin: this is now my anthem

Potata Jin: yea, to the gym to look at my muscles and to the beach to git dem gals

Alex Prudeaux: Haters gonna hate. Some girls would kill for a guy who could rock a speedo. Skies out, thighs out. Gotta let the hoes know

Pako Alegría: I think I can do something like this in like about two months …. maybe? ??

Pearl Haller: this song driving me nuts all over fb hahahaha

Victoria Cutler : I can’t stop laughing!

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