Nadine Lustre’s answers ‘live-in’ rumor with James Reid

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September 22, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

For quite some time now, there have been rumors that reel to real sweethearts Nadine Lustre and James Reid have been living together under one roof.

The rumor probably intensified when showbiz site Fashion Pulis posted a comment supposedly by a concert producer with IG handle @poor.taste, which read in part that “James and Nadine share a bed and sleep next to each other every night.”

Nadine Lustre being interviewed on live in rumor with James
Image Credit: ABS-CBN

In an ABS-CBN interview, Nadine was asked if the live-in rumor with James is true. The actress-singer said “I mean, if that was true, so what? Hindi ba? Like, it’s not new anymore.”

She explained further by saying, “There are younger couples kesa sa – mas young pa sa akin na (than…younger than me)…She then smiled and added, “It’s normal na eh. Come on, guys, it’s 2017!”

Netizens react to Nadine Lustre’s answers on live-in rumor [James Reid] react to Nadine Lustre’s answers on live-in rumor [James Reid] 11, 2017

Her replies seemed to confirm that she does, indeed, have a live-in arrangement with James.

The FHM Sexiest Woman in the Philippines backtracked, however, when the interviewer said, “So Nadz, linawin lang natin. Syempre may mga fans pa rin kayo na medyo mga bata, na conservative. Totoo o hindi na nagli live-in kayo? (So Nadz, let’s just clear it up. Of course you have fans who are quite young, who are conservative. Is it true or not that you and James are living together?)”

The 23-year old singer-actress then answered by saying, “I’m not gonna confirm and I’m not gonna deny. But then, like, ano naman (so what)? I mean I’m not being rude naman (also) or anything. But then, di ba (right)?”

Nadine with flower in hair kissing James Reid on the cheek while inside a car
Image Credit: @nadzlustre IG

Nadine said she heard about the rumor “so many times”.

Asked what James’ reaction is to this kind of rumor, Nadine said that James is “dedma lang naman siya” (he does not care). She said she is actually envious of James because he doesn’t seem to be affected and just says, “Bahala kayo diyan”.(It’s up to you to deal with that.)

Her message to her young fans who will hear about this rumor:”Let’s all just be open-minded. That’s what we need.”

One of the interviewers said that what they like about Nadine is her honesty. Nadine responded by saying, “Yeah, parang (it’s like), I don’t wanna lie about this.”

It was only a minute and a half interview. but Nadine’s answers have sparked a debate on social media.

The comments touched on Nadine being idolized by a lot of youngsters, morality, religious beliefs, the sanctity of marriage, open-mindedness and so on.

What people say on Facebook

RenRen Guiling: Normal na daw eh. Nakakasad lang yung sagot nya bakit ganun. Di ko na sya idol. Nakaka-disappoint eh haha (She says it’s already normal. It’s just sad how she answered it. Why like that? She’s not my idol anymore. She’s disappointing.)

Jennifer Delagon Majarucon: Dapat sinabi nya na lang na yes live in na kami, gusto lang namin makilala ang isa’t-isa ng lubusan bago kami mg pakasal‚ di ung c’mon guys 2017 na ngaun normal na yan. (She should just have answered, yes, we’re living together, we just want to know each other better before we get married. Not, “c’mon guys, it’s already 2017, that’s normal.)

Clarissa Dianne Carrera Kariri: It doesn’t actually matter if they’re living in or not..the way she answered it was the issue..brave enough for her fans..but too liberated for the rest..anyway, nasa tao n dpat yan (it really depends on the person)..understand and think before u affirm..

Lizlie Azarce : Wahaha hayaan nyo na lang sila jan sila masaya e ,kaming fans nila kung san sila masaya don din kmi ,solid lng talaga ako sa jadine hahaha (Leave them alone, that’s where they are happy. We fans just accept wherever they will be happy. I’m really just a solid JaDine fan.)

Cathy Bautista Pumarega : Ok na sana yung hindi confirmed or hindi denied (It would have been ok not to confirm or not to deny). Kaso dinagdagan pa ng (but she added) IT’S NORMAL NA EH, COME ON GUYS! Sadly, people look up to these people so they must set standards on how to reply to these questions.

Malou Lai: Sa mga nagsasabing dapat good example si nadine jusko po! (To those who say that Nadine should be a good example, Oh my God!) Why are you pushing nadine to be an example kung pwede naman sa sarili natin tayo magsimula (if we can start with ourselves! Bago po magtuturo ng iba sana sarili po natin simulan.(Before we point fingers, we should start with ourself.)

Merab Yhrab Awingan Salio-an: Philippines is still a conservative country my dear. Careful with your words. “So what”? Many eyes are on you…especially the youth of today. It’s as if you’re saying it’s okay to engage in such.

Eufretes Sanchez: Bakit nag taasan ang mga kilay? Cla lang ba ang nag live in na mga artista? (Why are there raised eyebrows?Among actors/showbiz personalities, are they the only ones who are living together?)

Weng Weng : Tao lang sila (they’re just human) give them some privacy.

Sha Martin Ramos Villaranda: Ako idol ko sila. Pero it doesn’t mean gagayahin ko sila. Nasa tao kasi yan. Sa environment at kung pano sila pinalaki ng mga magulang nila. (They are my idols. But it doesn’t mean I will emulate them. It depends on the person, the environment, and how they were brought up by their parents.)

Princess Jaena: Mas mabuti nang ibash ka ng tao dahil nagpapakatotoo ka sa sarili mo kesa naman pinupuri ka dahil magaling kang umarte na naaayon sa portrayal na gustong makita ng mga umiidolo sayo (It’s better to be bashed by people for being true to yourself rather than be praised for acting according to what people who idolize you want you to be). Honesty vs Hypocrisy. Saan tayo? (Which one would we choose?)

Malayka Ortizo : It’s not just about the Bible verse. She’s a star. She should be a good example of her fans. And I am not saying na Hindi ako gumagawa ng kasalanan (that I don’t commit any sin)‚ we all make sins ‚ tandaan mo yan bes (remember that)‚ pero yang sa Jadine kasi they are stars maraming fans, maraming maka kakita na teenagers. Nagets mo ba ako?(But for JaDine, they are stars, with many fans, many teenagers who can see. Do you get what I mean?)

James Smith: Ok, so kapag dumating ang time na nagkaroon ka ng anak na babae at magsabi sayo na mag lilive in sila ng Bf nya, ok lang sayo? kasi NORMAL na yun? (Ok, if that time comes and you have a daughter who says she and her BF are going to live in, that’s ok with you? Because that’s already normal?)

Maria Clara: Na bigla ako sobrang liberated nya hindi magandang halimbawa sa mga dalagita (I was shocked, she’s so liberated, not a good example for young ladies). I know it’s accepted in our society but still Filipino values and culture instilled in my head are still there. I can’t help but sigh. I hope they end up in marriage vows. Her statement was like telling the younger generation that premarital sex and living together are totally fine. I’m really disappointed.

Razel Lampusan: Wala naman talaga tayo pakialam sa gusto nyang gawin sa buhay kaso nga lang yung mismong sagot nya ang mali na normal na lang daw ngayon yan hay naku yes or no lang isasagot dami pang explanation.. (We don’t really care what she wants to do with her life but her answers were wrong – to say that’s normal today. Yes or no answer would be fine, she explained too much.)

Catherine A. Azada : Bahala kau sa buhay niyo basta ang JaDine FIESTA kami…(It’s up to you how you lead your lives, we JaDine fans are having a fiesta/celebration)

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