Sandara Park launches ‘Dara TV’ on YouTube

Sandara Park launches her own channel called Dara TV on YouTube

by Jessie Mendoza

Korean pop star Sandara ‘Dara’ Park has just launched ‘Dara TV’ on YouTube on Friday, July 7.

The channel aims to showcase what’s happening in the star’s daily life. Dara hopes to connect more with her fans through her new channel.

Dara in her car part of Dara TV video
Image Credit: DARA TV

Since its launching, the channel has already gained more than 21,000 subscribers and comments have ballooned to more than 1400 as of this writing.

The first video on the channel, which lasts for 2 minutes 23 seconds, has been viewed more than 54,000 times.

The short video shows some BTS of Dara’s tv shows, commercial shoots, and some new shots of her current life. She features her cats, excerpts of her workout, and her skills in playing drums.

It also features Dara wearing a pink cap, in a casual OOTD inside her car, singing happily to “I Love You” by 2NE1. Yes! She was singing to one of the hits of her former group 2NE1! Needless to say, that portion of the video was very well accepted by fans who miss the now-defunct all-girl group.

Sandara Park smiling in beautiful pose from Dara TV
Image Credit: Dara TV

Dara has posted this message with her video;

Hello everyone!I’m Dara~♥
I’m finally back with Dara TV today July 7, 2017 !!

This channel is all about my daily life.
I will show you my everything which
I couldn’t show you through On Air before,
more friendly, freely, and extremely.

I’ve missed u guys so so much…!!
I hope this channel could be a connection between me and you,
so please be with Dara TV!

DARA TV NOLZA !! go, go, go~!!! ^.^

Watch Dara TV’s first video below:

DARA TV │ Finally Dara is on Youtube! TV │ Finally Dara is on Youtube! Jul 6, 2017


Fans of Dara are so excited about her new channel and are eagerly awaiting what she will post next.

Dara started her career in the Philippines, where she finished as a runner-up in ABS-CBN’s talent search, “Star Circle Quest”, in 2004. Dara had a certified platinum album titled “Sandara” and also had two hit films before returning to Korea in 2007.

Signing up with YG entertainment provided a launchpad for her rise to stardom. YG launched 2NE1 in 2009 with CL, Dara, Park Bom, and Minzy as band members. The group released its debut single “Fire” in 2009, and since then, has produced hit after hit.

But to the dismay of 2NE1 fans, Minzy left in 2016 and the group was officially disbanded on November 25 of the same year.

That’s why 2NE1 fans are so happy that Dara has launched her own YouTube channel. She has just wrapped up shooting for the film adaptation of “Cheese in the Trap”, a famous Korean tv series. She will also play the role of a vampire in an upcoming action film titled “107th Year of Night”.

What people say

2NE1BLACKPINK VIPAMRY: The queen is finally back TT I know she will make us laugh and bring back 2NE1 vibes to all BLACKJACKS out there!


Peachy Han: It’s ok unnie. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You have too much on your plate already. I’m grateful enough that you have decided to create a bridge between you and us fans and let us see a glimpse of your private life. ❤️ DARA TV GO GO GO~!!!! ?

Cecie: She’s going to keep 2NE1 alive until that big moment we all are hoping for! ✨✨✨✨✨?!

Kiara Nuevo: the way she did the video ending is how kdramas end lmao dara is an icon

Satrix Justine: when ‘I love you’ comes playing and imma like: ???? mah girlssss! Dara will forever be my cutie ate Dara of 2NE1

JoshKosh0711: The then and now shots made me so emotional! Dara has really grown as an artist and a person and I want nothing but good things for her! DARA I LOVE YOU!

Nolja AON: When I heard her play 2NE1 songs I was almost about to cry omg and those cuts from 2NE1TV ? I am so happy 2NE1 is always in her heart and that she never forgets about us Blackjacks cuz she literally even made yt channel so she can talk to us more ? QUEEN DARA ?

huawei tuazon: dara is keeping 2ne1 alive. and I’m sobbing with happiness.

Nabz: OMG IM SO HAPPY WE GET MORE PERSONAL WITH U HERE DARA. i love you so much, when 2ne1 played i just got back to my old sobbing phase but im so glad you’re still with us. KEEP IT UP QUEEN

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