Sharon Cuneta without makeup, shares bare-faced video

See how Sharon looks naturally beautiful without makeup

by Jessie Mendoza

Megastar Sharon Cuneta is getting more and more in touch with her fans via social media.

She used to be a fixture on Twitter, posting her opinions and never backing down from bashers. Now the lovable actress is also enjoying Facebook, Instagram, and even has her own YouTube channel.

Sharon without makeup on IG post
Image Credit: @reallysharoncuneta

One of her most recent posts on Instagram is getting more attention than others. It’s a short video of the Megastar without makeup, greeting her fans like they are her very close friends. The video has gained more than 179,000 views for the past 4 days and had loads of positive comments.

She informed her fans that she recorded the video after taking a bath in her hotel suite. The singer-actress added that she just concluded her show at Colden Auditorium in Flushing, New York and will have to go to Morongo the next day for another concert.

Sharon thanked her fans who came to the concert and even showed the “doggy pajammies” she was wearing to sleep.

A lot of her followers noted how simple, modest, and down-to-earth Sharon is. They also noted that she looked fresh and beautiful in the video, even without makeup.

Her fans observed that Sharon has a smooth skin for someone who is already 51 years old. And though she has noticeable eye bags, she was still pretty.

Sorry, the picture isn’t available anymore.

Sharon had a series of concerts for “The Sharon Cuneta Mega Tour 2017” in the US, which were all sold out. She had Ai-Ai Delas Alas and Team Sharon’s Champ for “The Voice Kids 2016”, Antonetthe Tismo, as part of the show. Ian Veneracion was also a guest when she had her show at the Alex Theater, in Glendale , California.

Sharon and Ian Veneracion in a concert at California
Image Credit: @reallysharoncuneta IG, @sthanlee

Sharon is now back in Manila after a month’s stay in the US for her concert series.

The actress can be seen on the big screen again via the indie film, “Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha” by Mes De Guzman. The film, which Sharon lovingly refers to as the “little movie with the biggest heart”, will be shown during the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival which will run from August 4 to 13.

What people say on Instagram

mummycutie: You’re just beautiful inside and out. God bless you!

airezil: That’s what we call natural beauty! With or without make-up still you look so pretty! ♥️♥️♥️

sheilalovesmega: Good morning Mega! No make up on, genuinely beautiful! ❤ Get as much sleep on the plane na lang. All the best, am sure everyone will have a wonderful time watching your concert tomorrow (as always in all your concerts ?). God bless you more! Love you always

m_j_pasaquian: You’re so pretty w/out makeup and God bless @reallysharoncuneta you were so gorgeous last night sa (at) the voice

jeanne_716U: look soo cute with ur doggy jammies! ???

aka_tini: Ganda ganda talaga (really so beautiful), saw you in person without make up and you are more beautiful. Love you ❤️❤️❤️

polyndown: Though you ??look so tired your skin is still so fresh & smooth..wanna touch it tho’? feels like marshmallow i assumed☺️

gie_nicolas: Natural beauty… ??

mimisiako: So sweet and no make up. That’s why I love you. You are so real?

simplymarian: This is how you looked when you were a teenager.

alexa_d18: It’s true when they say na mas maganda ka (that you are more beautiful) without makeup! Or light makeup lang (only). ganda ganda mo (you are so beautiful)! ?

jarmanzano: Kita mo talaga confident to the roof si Sharon (You can really see that Sharon’s confidence is up to the roof) . Walang arte humarap sa (Not pretentious in front of the) camera without make up.She really is an amazing woman.

tita_erlz: I love the way you exposed yourself without make up… that goes to show you are not afraid of who you really are… love it!!!!!?

mommyminn: Like how many artists can bravely show their bare face in front of the cam? You’re awesome ms. Sharon, so fresh and young.

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